First Impressions: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Good Day to you Grimms!

I was going to say morning because that’s when my posts usually go live but I realized not everyone reads my posts right away! So good day it is.

I know so many people who have watched this show and I’m always seeing references to it but even still I have never really understood what this show is about. It always seems to be on the fringe of my anime watching. This past weekend I finally decided to give it a try.

For those of you who don’t know JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure centers around Jonathan Joestar (JoJo) and Dio Brando. JoJo is from and incredible rich family while Dio grew up in the slums. Tragedy has effected both their lives though and it is through this their paths cross. JoJo’s father George feels he owes Dio’s father Dario a life debt so when Dario dies George decides to adopt Dio and bring him up as his own son along with JoJo.

If you’re thinking you’re in for a heart-warming tale of two boys who forge a bond of brotherhood through shared experiences and Dio’s new lease on life you’re wrong. Dio is basically a trash human even as a kid and decides that he is going to take JoJo’s inheritance and the entire Joestar fortunate for himself with whatever scheming he deems necessary. The only person who seems aware of the fact that Dio is most likely the son of Satan is JoJo. I would also like to point out that JoJo and his father were nothing but ABSOLUTELY WELCOMING when Dio meets them. But he’s like fuck you’re hand of kindness how can I completely destroy your lives today?

In the mix of all of this there’s also a mysterious mask that used to belong to JoJo’s mother that seems to come alive whenever it comes into contact with blood. In the third episode we find out just exactly how this mask can be used but still have zero backstory as to how it ended up with JoJo’s mother. I imagine its’ origins is something that is touched upon throughout the entire series. Perhaps it is something his father knows? Some family secret his wife wanted him to pass down once JoJo was older?

That’s all just speculation as to where the series might go. But I have to say the fact that it is making me consider possible storylines is a good thing! Nobody wants to continue a show if the writers haven’t done a good enough job at getting the audience invested into the, “what could happen next” mentality. I’m actually quite impressed with how the show was able to hook me in such a short amount of time. It’s really insane how the writers were able to put so much into just three episodes. I actually had to double check the time of the episodes because I was astonished at how much happens! And it doesn’t feel rushed or confusing it feels like things happen in a relevant time frame.

I have to give the writers and credit on that score for sure.

Final Thoughts

I’ll be watching the rest of this show, you can count on that. What can I say, I’m invested. Plus Dio is such a shit that I just have to make sure JoJo eventually beats him. They got me good with this rivalry! I can’t say for sure because obviously this is just first impressions but Dio seems like the slimiest villain ever right now! He appears to have zero redeeming qualities. He is truly just a monster in human skin. It’s crazy! So I really don’t want JoJo to lose to him. For that reason alone I want to continue watching!

I’m also REALLY mad at JoJo’s Dad! How can he be fooled by such a complete tool as Dio. I recognize that JoJo is kind of a klutzy kid and maybe spoiled in someways but not in a bad way! He still has a kind heart and tries to stick up for people even if he knows it will put himself in danger. But his Dad has no problem throwing him under the bus for Dio because he knocks over a glass at dinner? What the heck! Don’t even get me started on Dio’s treatment of JoJo’s dog Danny. GAAAAAAHHHHH!!! And his father is just oblivious!

So by the end of episode one I knew I’d have to continue watching the show just so I could see the moment JoJo’s Dad realizes Dio is the devil incarnate. Seriously by the end of episode one I was like, “He better just be begging his son for forgiveness but the end of this!”

The stuff JoJo goes through because of Dio is pretty heart-wrenching and JoJo’s Dad doesn’t do a damn thing about it. In fact the one time JoJo sticks up for himself… Well technically he’s sticking up for a friend that Dio has hurt but moving on! The one time he lays Dio’s shit out his Dad comes barreling in all, “You’re not being a gentleman JoJo!” Oh GTFO DAD!


On top of all that you have just the basic mystery of the mask so I think in three 20 minute episodes JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has given me plenty of reasons to keep watching. Plus a few good blog post ideas! So I hope you’re in the mood for more JoJo coming to GrimmGirl soon!

Let me know what you think of the show if you’ve seen it in the comments below. If you haven’t seen it has my post given you reason to at least try it out? Let me know Grimms!


I’m loving the intro and outro songs!

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