Five Reasons I Always Have Coconut Oil On Hand

Beauty Grimms!

How are you on this fine day? Today I want to share a few reasons I keep coconut oil on hands at all times. If you think that the only thing coconut oil brings to the table is its cooking factor I’m about to blow your mind!


One: Lotion

Coconut oil is my go to lotion Grimms! It’s absolutely perfect! Really moisturizing and it also doesn’t have alcohol in it. If you read the ingredients on your lotion bottle you will probably see some type of alcohol in it and incase you haven’t received the memo that’s bad for your skin. Many lotions include alcohol because they say that it helps absorb the moisture and while that may be true it also harms your skin, takes away healthy oils you need to maintain good skin, and makes oily skin much worse. Since I use this as a body and face lotion it is good to remind everyone that if you have oily skin using a product with higher alcohol content is going to cause breakouts. At the very least be checking your current face lotion for that.

So while you’re actively trying to protect your skin, you’re slowly aging it.

Doesn’t seem fair does it?

Which is why I’ve skipped the lotions and just stick with coconut oil. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that could help with healing stretch marks and because it’s really good at nourishing the skin it can help prevent stretch marks as well. Three cheers to that!

Two: Hello Primer

Guess who doesn’t need a primer when using a little coconut oil? This girl! The downside of using coconut oil as a primer in my case is that it doesn’t help deflect the redness that tends to come out for me like a green based primer does but I have a green setting powder that I can use when I use this as a primer. I like to use this as a primer a lot but especially when I want to wear makeup but give my skin a bit of a break. It makes for one less makeup layer.

Coconut oil honestly makes for a great primer though. Your foundation will apply smoothly and will stay all day long. What more can you ask for in a primer?

Three: Makeup Remover

I swear to God coconut oil really does do it ALL. You read correctly it makes for a great makeup remover. Again coconut oil is a moisturizer so I love that when I use it to remove makeup it doesn’t dry my skin out. It also honestly works amazing well! Even when I go full face and use setting spray for days coconut oil is able to break through the layers and gently take it off my face.


Four: Conditioner 

My favorite conditioner! My only conditioner at this point actually. Why mess with perfection? When I realized the greatness of coconut oil as a conditioner I ran with it and never looked back. Coconut oil can help to reduce breakage which can make hair look healthier. I sure noticed a difference once I made the switch. I also got lots of compliments from other people on my hair when I started using it as a conditioner. So I believe in the power of coconut oil!

Now whether coconut oil promotes hair growth is something that is debatable. Basically there isn’t enough information to make it a certain yes or no. While we do know that it can help to strengthen hair, promote a healthy scalp, and reduce breakage whether or not it actually increases inches on your hair has yet to be proven. I like to think that the fact that it does provide all the benefits that is does must lead to some sort of hair growth. I mean if your hair isn’t constantly breaking then it stands to reason that it is going to get longer. But I get that it could just be your natural hair growth being unobstructed so it’s not like it’s actually growing faster.

Who knows!

The benefits it does provide that are solid are more than enough for me to love coconut oil as my conditioner.

Five: Cuts and Burns

Hopefully you all remember that I’m a mama of two adorable kiddos! My eldest is six and my youngest is a little over one. Between the two of them they are constantly getting scraps! Rub a little coconut oil on it and we’re good to go! Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties so you can ditch the Neosporin. The coconut oil will also help it to heal faster and with less scaring.

You can also use it on minor burs. Why just the other day my delightful daughter hit her arm against our chicken heat lamp. If you’re not familiar with the wonderful world of baby chicks than you might not know that they need to be kept at a toasty 91 degrees during their first week of life. So when my daughter hit her arm on it, it totally burnt her. Just a smidge. Stuck some coconut oil on it and well it wasn’t good as new but it did help it to heal and after that it was good as new!



So there you have it ❤ Five reasons I like to keep fully stocked on coconut oil!


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3 thoughts on “Five Reasons I Always Have Coconut Oil On Hand

  1. I used it all the time for my eye makeup . Its the best for removing super bright pigments without leaving any stains . Plus its great when I’m getting ready to bleach my roots, the fat and oils protect my hair.

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