Fruits Basket Volume 10: Let’s Go to the Lake

Hello Grimms,

Can you believe we’ve reached volume 10 of Fruits Basket? We’re a little under half way through since there are 23 volumes in total. I am really trying to rededicate myself to GrimmGirl and one of my goals is to complete some of the open manga reviews I have on GrimmGirl. So expect to continue to see a lot of Fruits Basket coming your way.

As always zero spoilers for volume 10 but expect spoilers for volumes 1-9.

Will these two ever be friends?

The Story So Far

I think we can all agree Kyo’s father is one of the worst people in existence. What kind of parent blames their child the way he has blamed Kyo for being the Cat and “killing” his mother. Can I just point out that at no point did Kyo ask to be born let alone born the Cat. Everyone in the Sohma family knows the deal with the Zodiac Curse. As soon as one Zodiac member dies then another is born to replace them. So when there’s a vacant Zodiac spot then each member knows the risk they are taking when they decide to have a child. Kyo’s mother didn’t create a baby by herself. What a dick.

The fact that as soon as Kyo graduates he wants him confined to the cage they have reserved for the Cat at the Sohma house is disgusting. I mean they call it a room but it’s a cage. He won’t be allow to leave and the rest of the family is free to gawk at him whenever they feel the want to. Not to mention the fact that Akito has free reign once again to do as he pleases and what makes Akito happy is abusing the crap out of the Zodiac members.

Shishou is being number one Zodiac Dad right now though sticking up for Kyo! It seems that as long as he’s alive he won’t allow Kyo to go to that dark room even if it means going against Akito himself. What a stellar father! I love him ❤ Kyo’s birth father could certainly afford to take a few notes. Scratch that he could afford to take a million notes.

Shishou continues to be a ray of sunshine in all of our lives.

Another ray of sunshine is Yuki and the new student council members. Is it possible that Yuki is making a friend without Tohru’s influence? I’m so proud! Seriously this is such a big deal. Yuki has never had a friend outside of the Sohma family until Tohru. He is becoming friends with Hana and Uo to some degree but that is clearly due to their relationship to Tohru. So becoming friends with Manabe will be his first friend he’s made on his own without Tohru. Go Yuki Go!

Volume 10

Our lovable gang is off to the Sohma lakehouse thanks to Momiji. Not only is Momiji joining Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo but we also get to see Haru, Kisa, Hiro, Hatori, Shigure, Kureno, and… Akito!?

I recognize that scowl.

It looks like this vacation to the lake house may not be as relaxing as originally intended. Will we finally find out more about Kureno and his connection to Akito? Also what are Akito’s intentions coming out to the lake house? Is Yuki ready to meet Akito face to face without Tohru by his side?

Shigure seems to be going along with his hidden agenda without any fear of the consequences it has for anyone else. According to him there’s really nothing left to lose. Watching Akito interact with the other characters is nothing short of chilling. This is one of those volumes that as soon as you finish it you are reaching for volume 11 immediately. I’ve already read them before but I’m still dying to start the next volume. This series is so good! Even rereading it I’m compelled to read the next one!


I will leave you with one more tidbit about our latest volume. Somebody (I won’t say who) is about to make a HUGE confession.

Alright Grimms, happy reading!

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