Freeman Neon Face Mask? Girl, Bye.

Happy Tuesday Grimms,

I hope you are all living happy lives! Today’s post is brought to you by the skincare company Freeman and their Neon Pink Face Mask. As you may recall I picked up a few packets on a whim so I could try out various masks. This was the last of the bunch!

Thank heavens for that.

I love peel off masks but I think I have to conclude that I don’t enjoy Freeman peel off masks. They just don’t dry down and this one was the worst of the bunch! I tried everything top get it off. I honestly think I did more damage to my skin trying to get it off instead of rejuvenating with a face mask.

My whole relaxing experience was completely ruined. It started out so well. The color of the mask was fun and more vibrant than the picture shows. The smell I’ll admit wasn’t necessarily my thing but everybody enjoys different smells so I’m not going to knock it for that.

When I first tired this on and didn’t realize it was going to be shit.

I applied and then waited for the magic to happen! But it never did! It dried down in some places but not all. Honestly the only part that dried was on my nose and part of my cheek… a small part. And I waited Grimms! Lord did I wait but to no avail. I had to finally try to wash it off because I had places to be!

My daughter’s dance recital to be exact.

However it wouldn’t just wash off with water. It turned into this goopy mess! So I tried using my face cleanser. Same problem. So then I used my makeup removing wipes. I had to use three if I recall correctly. It started to finally come off but still some residue that I had to peel off with a dry towel.

My poor face!

Needless to say the whole experience sucked. So my final thoughts are this… buy at your own risk!

Thanks for stopping by Grimms!

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