GrimmGirl Ranks Star-Crossed Myth (Part One)

Hola Grimms!

Aren’t you in for an Otome Monday treat! Last week I finished all of the main routes for Star Crossed Myth at least for Prologue One. They break the characters up into two different prologues and I’m happy to say I have completed all the main storylines for the gods who have sinned and fallen from heaven. Now it’s time to rank them!

So starting from my least favorite to my most favorite! Let’s go!


Sixth Place Goes Too…


God of Leo and the Head of the Department of Wishes.

What can I say he was dick that magically turned into a sugary sweet cupcake. I don’t mean the cupcake part as a compliment either. I’m still baffled by this route. He was an overbearing jerk the entire time without a single redeeming quality that I can remember and the MC wasn’t into it all until the very end and then BOOOM!

They’re both like, “When I’m not with you it feels like the air leaves my body and I’m doomed to a thousand lifetimes in hell. Please stay by my side forever because you are my one and only true love and birds don’t sing without you.”

Or some such nonsense.

It was weird and I wasn’t into it. Every time he pops up as a side character I just roll my eyes. Don’t, “goldfish” me ya little jerk. Perhaps if you play more of his routes you can learn more about him and maybe he’s not so bad but meh. Who has the time am I right? Leon just wasn’t for me. Which was a shame because I had such high hopes!

Fifth Place Goes Too…


God of Gemini and worker in The Department of Punishments.

Gaaaaahh!!!! It’s so hard to rank characters this time around! There were such good ones. Honestly Dui was a really fun and interesting route to play through. I can see myself picking up some of the other bonus routes available. I like the whole two in one character development they have going on here kept the route really interesting.

Dui as a character was really fun too. I mean you’re basically working with his good and bad sides. That is Dui’s downfall. He needs both of his personalities to coincide peacefully in order to be recognized as a complete person. That sort of inner demon drama type stuff is going to keep things interesting so I did enjoy this route! But in someways the fact that he has split personality feels like it’s his only personality trait. He’s not particularly funny or outlandish. I think that’s how he ended up lower on the list.

It’s just hard to complete with some of the stronger personalities and how they make for more compelling routes! Dui can console himself with the fact that he still beats Leon!

Fourth Place Goes Too…


God of Aquarious and part of The Department of Wishes.

Once again he truly is a great character/route. Sadly he’s just in the mix with a lot of other great characters and somebody has to end up as number one! I said it before when I reviewed his route and I’ll say it again. If this game were ever to be developed into an anime Huedhaut’s storyline would probably be the route that would become canon. It is a very romantic route, I’ll give them that.

My perfect otome man combines some of the following traits though a sprinkle of sarcasm or teasing, a dash of humor, and handful of saucy/sass. While Huedhaut does have a cool personality one might say it’s a bit to cool and it inhibits his personality from fully shining through. Hey I’ve got to be nitpicky here! We’re getting to the final three!

Speaking of the final three we’re down to Teorus, Scorpio, and Ichthys.

Waaaaaaaahhhhh! Why did I create a post where I forced myself to choose between these three?

Third Place Goes Too…


God of Pisces and worker in the Department of Punishments.

Oh my dear sweet Ichthys. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the number one slot! It wasn’t for lack of storyline though. He does make to top three after all and it’s thanks to his shining personality. I’m not being silly when I say that either. He really did make me laugh throughout his entire route. He was also great in the sense that even from the beginning he wasn’t out to make the MC feel bad about herself. Ichthy’s doesn’t start out hating her or anything like that he’s just generally a swell guy.

I had to knock points though for the way he treats the idea of dying though. I think it might have moved the story better if they had given a more cemented date for his demise. I honestly thought he was going to say something along the lines of, “I’ve only got a year to live.” Which would make things seem more urgent and overwhelming but instead it seems like nobody knows when he will die. Just that he will die. I’m kind of confused though dying shouldn’t be that big of a shock because gods must die just like humans. I mean the MC is a reincarnated goddess after all. Plus Dui’s sin is that he killed a god so then why is his dying such a shock?

Questions like that are why I had to dock him at third place.

Second Place Goes Too…


God of Taurus and worker in The Department of Wishes.

Gaaaaaahhh!!!!! This was a hard choice! I truly loved Teo route and his character. After I played him I ended up playing his epilogue right away just because I needed more to the story. He was so much fun to play through! No matter what I will be playing more of his available routes but in the end when I had to choose between him and Scorpio for who has the best main route I had to put him in second.

Teo is fun and I had a great time playing through the main route but when I’m being 100% honest I recognize that his storyline didn’t have the same twist and turns that other routes (hey Scorpio) had to offer. In fact when you think about it his storyline is the oldest one in the book. He’s basically a player who finally meets a girl he wants to settle down with. I mean Voltage persents it in a much more elegant way and gives him a backstory to justify his actions but at the end of the day he is a dude that likes to sleep around no strings attached and then finally meets a woman who’s like, “Nah. I don’t share.” and he’s all, “I love you now!”

Not really original.

Which is exactly why our First Place Goes Too…


God of Scorpio and second in command of The Department of Punishment.

Heavens! Scorpio took us on a JOURNEY for his route. He starts out and peak horrible jerkface and then through character development is able to become the god he was always meant to be. He reminds me a bit of Gaara from Naruto who’s like one of my all time favorite characters so how could I know rank Scorpio as number one based on that alone?

Voltage really did a great job though of writing a storyline that leaves you wanting more. Honestly I feel like I just read book one of a series. I must see how everything turns out. I think in someways his storyline was the biggest surprise for me and I’m excited to see how everything continues on. As a character he perfectly captured all of my otome needs. I just don’t think you can go wrong with Scorpio!


Well Grimms there you have it. After much consideration I have ranked the characters of Star-Crossed Myth from the first prologue. I will be reading the second prologue soon and will start getting out those routes ASAP. I’m considering if I want to jump straight into the second prologue or if I should break it up by finishing up Scandal in the Spotlight?


I guess you will all just have to wait until next Monday to see what I decide!

Check you later ❤

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