My Love Story: Protect This Wholesome Show At All Costs

My Dear Grimms,

Thank you once again for joining me here on GrimmGirl. I’m excited to bring you a new anime review! You know what Grimms I truly can’t tell you what possessed me to watch this show. It was such a spur of the moment whim. I thought the fact that the main protagonist wasn’t your stereotypical anime heartthrob was interesting. It was late, the kids were in bed, and I was totally bored. So I thought, “What the hell? I’ll give this a shot.”


My Love Story is an anime based off the manga series written by Kazune Kawahara that follows the high school life of Takeo Goda. While Takeo has many great qualities and is considered a top notch guy amongst all of his male friends he has never had any luck with the girls in his class. While the kid has a heart of gold he’s loud, doesn’t really get social cues, and unfortunately has the appearance of a bear. He’s the polar opposite of his best friend Makoto Sunakawa who is considered boyfriend goals by every girl they encounter, in fact ever since elementary school every time Takeo has started to develop a crush on someone they have confessed their love for Makoto!

To Makoto’s credit he’s always turned these girls down in true anime tsundere fashion. However this has given Takeo a bit of a complex when it comes to the opposite sex. While his heart is always in the right place he can’t seem to find anyone who appreciates him the way he is. So what is Takeo to do when he finally meets the one girl on the planet who is attracted to him and not his best friend! My Love Story is an adorable anime that shows the journey of Takeo’s love and acceptance.


Honestly this show is just pure wholesome fun. I was worried that I was going to encounter some lame love triangle between Takeo, Rinko, and Makoto but that isn’t what happened at all and the show is so much better for it! Instead of pointless drama you get to enjoy watching two people fall in love. Takeo and Rinko have one of the healthiest relationships I have ever seen portrayed in anime. I don’t mean this in a, “They are perfect and never fight” way. I mean that when they have an issue they TALK IT OUT in a healthy manner that strengthens their relationship time and again.


I was so shocked about this! Especially coming from a high school relationship being portrayed in the media. The media (anime included) looooovvvveeee to add as much unhealthy drama to these type of relationships as possible. Do you now how refreshing it is to watch a show that doesn’t do this? That alone kept me watching episode after episode. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy a good drama but mixing it up with something like this is really nice. I also love how respectful the characters are in this show of each other’s boundaries. This is not a fan service heavy show. Again nothing wrong with that but it’s nice to watch a show that doesn’t seem to have to rely on that tactic.

It was also amazing to watch a female character express an interest in a physical relationship without embarrassment. Rinko thinks that Takeo is the sexiest boy she has ever come across in her life. She doesn’t like him in spite of his looks she likes him because of his looks. It genuinely surprises her that women aren’t constantly chasing him around the block in order to get him to notice them. All of his quirks and mannerisms are things that she truly enjoys and appreciates. She wants to make his heart race the same way he makes hers. They are both too adorable for words and bravo to the creator for writing Rinko in such an aware way.

Why are you two so cute?

Yes she wants to hold Takeo’s hand, hug him, kiss, him and I imagine in the future much more and guess what that is completely understandable! So why should her character have to be upset about those desires? They’re 100% normal! Oh, and here’s another interesting tidbit, Takeo is the one who wants to take things slower between the pair. He constantly talks about  wanting to make sure that he is respecting her as person and not taking things too fast physically.

In short they are creating a CONSENSUAL PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP!!!!! Oh my goodness three cheers for this concept! How often do we NOT SEE THIS IN ANIME?! I am still reeling. There are many times on shows that I really enjoy I still find myself having to call out some rape culture behaviors (see Love Stage). Which sucks! I want to enjoy the show fully but I can’t in good faith ignore these rape culture moments. As a viewer I feel it is my duty to acknowledge that they are not normal, healthy, or appropriate relationship moments and to be mindful of the fact that if this happened in real life it would not be okay.

I watched the whole series without finding one such moment. Even when a rival for Rinko’s love enters the scene there’s no creepy, “I’ll just take this kiss and then you’ll love me!” moment and we all know we’ve seen that troupe before.

The bro-ship between Takeo and Makoto is also so freaking sweet I can hardly stand it. Again thank you Kawahara for writing male characters expressing friendship in a positive way! There is no hidden competition between them or jealousy they’re just two friends who care about each other completely. They are always looking out for each other and supporting one another. No matter what is going on they can count on each other.

*Ugly Crying *

Their friendship is so beautiful!

I also like how the dynamics between Rinko and Makoto are written. They bond over the fact that they both deeply care about Takeo. Again there’s no underlying tension between them. They don’t secretly like each other, there’s no jealousy over who’s spending time with Takeo, it’s just them working together to be there for Takeo. They recognize that they are each very important to Takeo and because they care for Takeo they care for each other. They have the awareness to understand that if anything negative happened to either of them it would hurt Takeo. So taking care of each other as friends becomes an important thing to each of them.

Final Thoughts

This show was a lot of fun! I enjoyed watching Takeo’s and Rinko’s relationship develop over the course of the series. It was also fun to watch the side characters and what they get up to. This show does have a good core of side characters which is a treat. I think that if you are having a bad day this show is the perfect pick me up. It is a great reminder to appreciate people and the good qualities they bring to the world. I can see myself watching this anime again!

I hope everyone gives this show a try!

Have you ever watched My Love Story before? What do you think of Takeo’s and Rinko’s relationship?


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12 thoughts on “My Love Story: Protect This Wholesome Show At All Costs

  1. I’ve not seen much past the first episode (life, why must it be so busy?), but I certainly enjoyed the beginning (I loved how he defended her honor even before he knew her, like a gentleman… a very big, ham-fisted gentleman). It certainly appeals a good deal more, hearing that they laid off the unhealthy drama. I mean, seriously, how did romantic comedies come to be so saturated with depictions of how horrible people can be to each other and still be forgiven and together at the end? It’s always good to hear about the healthier relationships.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed! Like I get that you want some drama so that you’re interested in the show but does it always have to drama that brings out the absolute worst in the character? You can have drama that is compelling and brings out the best in the characters. Which is exactly what this show does. It’s great! The characters encounter problems but they always use those moments to raise to the occasion. ❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE A LOVE TRIANGLE TOO, thank goodness it wasn’t, my heart wouldn’t have been able to take it! I’m really glad you enjoyed this series, for of the few romance anime I have seen, this is one of my favorites. In relationships and in life, friendship is so important—it’s nice to see a romance anime not downplay the power of loving, caring friends!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Same! Like I was full on ready to drop it for a minute when I thought they were going to love triangle it up because I just wouldn’t have been able to take it! I loved the characters to much to see them fight! I’m going to have to do some more posts in the future to really break down all the positive relationship aspects! So many great things happened. Even when you look at how the girl characters interacted with each other. So much healthier than shows normally portray that. I can’t stop gushing about this show ❤

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well I had gone and read the whole thing and I love it!
        Suna is very very relatable haha.
        But the story is so wholesome! Thank you for recommending, it was a great read !!

        Liked by 1 person

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