Fruits Basket Revisited Volume 9: A Journey Back in Time

Hello my lovely Grimms,

I’m so glad you have decided to grace me once again with your presence on GrimmGirl. Today we journey down the path of Volume 9 of Fruits Basket. I say this every time so I apologize for those of you who have been here before but on the chance that we have someone new joining us today I feel I must say it again…

This post contains zero spoilers for volume 9 but does contain spoilers for volumes 1-8. If you have yet to reach that far in the series or this is your first time hearing of Fruits Basket please start at my first post and work your way up 🙂

The Story So Far…

We have meet so many of the Zodiac now!

  • Yuki Sohma= The Rat
  • Kyo Sohma= The Cat
  • Kagura Sohma= The Boar
  • Shigure Sohma= The Dog
  • Hatori Sohma= The Dragon
  • Ayame Sohma= The Snake
  • Momiji Sohma= The Rabbit
  • Hatsuharu Sohma= The Ox
  • Kisa Sohma= The Tiger
  • Hiro Sohma= The Ram
  • Risu Sohma= The Monkey

We only need to discover the identities of two more! Which leaves much to consider since a mystery character was introduced at the end of last volume with a connection to the Sohma family. We see Hiro visit a girl named Rin in the hospital who mentions Shigure. Hatsuharu also discusses a girl that he has been dating and mentions she has been in the hospital as well. Hatsuharu also let slip that whomever he was dating is a member of the Zodiac. So I think there’s a good chance she could be Haru’s ex-girlfriend (sorry you got dumped buddy) which would make her by default a member of the Zodiac.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

I think the last volume was a good example of the growth Yuki is continuing to do. Now that they are getting close to graduation they are having to decide what they’ll do with their lives as adults. The school is requiring to meet with them and their parents or guardians. It is clear that Yuki has very little interest in the expectations of his parents who sold him out to Akito as a mere object to be toyed with in exchange for money and favor.

Honestly his parents sicken me. I am sickened.

I thought it was really adorable that Ayame offered to go to Yuki’s school instead of their parents. This moment between them was so sweet! I honestly think slowly Ayame has been working his way into Yuki’s heart throughout the entire series but this is clearly the first time Yuki really acknowledges it. Three cheers for the Sohma brothers for being able to come together little by little.

This storyline also highlights once again how little control the Sohma members have of c their own lives especially Kyo as the Cat. It is becoming clear that whatever Akito decides to do with Kyo it is expected that everyone else will follow suit. My poor Kyo!

Meeting Ritsu gave some fun moments between the family but once again we also see the damage being a member of the Zodiac has inflicted on each person. Although if we are all 100% honest with ourselves I don’t think being born to such high-strung parents helped with Ritsu’s growth in anyway. At least he seems to have found a kindred spirit in Shigure’s poor publisher!

Volume 9

Baby Hana ❤

Slowly but surely we have been getting to see glimpses of everyone’s pasts and how that has influenced them. In this volume we finally get to see Hana’s origin story and how she came to be friends with Tohru and Uo. I love Uo and Hana so much! It has been great to see them as little kiddos and how they came to be the characters we know and love. Volume 9 is worth the read for Hana’s backstory alone. I won’t say much about it but if you’re a crier I’ll advise you to come prepared with tissues!

Sadly Hana isn’t the only character you’ll need tissues for with this volume. I felt like I’d been stabbed in the heart seeing more to do with Kyo’s father. We have seen him in flashbacks in pervious volumes and it is clear he blames Kyo for his mother’s death.

What a jackass.

I assure you his first present day appearance doesn’t make him anymore lovable. He presents a very stark contrast to Shishou, Kyo’s adoptive father and quite frankly the only father Kyo has ever known. You can comfort yourself knowing that even though you have to endure seeing Kyo’s birth father at least Shishou also shows up in this volume.

The only Dad Kyo needs!

The more I type the more I realize that a TON happens in this volume! The mysteries just keep adding up. For example what the heck is going on between Shigure and Rin? What is going to happen to Kyo after graduation? Will Tohru ever find out the hat from her childhood belongs to Yuki? What’s the deal with the two new student council members that will be supporting Yuki? Who is the man Uo met and what is his connection to Akito?

The plot thickens…

I guess we’ll all have to wait for volume 10 for more revelations. I am pumped that Momiji has been thoughtful enough to come up with a wonderful plan for our favorite characters over their summer holiday! Any chance for Momiji to come onto the scene. What can I say he’s my favorite rabbit.

I can’t wait to discuss the next volume with you!

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