Star-Crossed Myth: Ichthys

Happy Otome Monday Grimms!

And what a fabulous Monday it will be with Star-Crossed Myth. We have been really cranking out the routes for this game haven’t we? So far we have…






Please feel free to check out their routes if you haven’t done so. Remember I review so you can decide if you want to buy!

The Story

Here’s the skinny. Various gods have fallen from the heavens because of their sins. Scandal! However there is a chance to redeem themselves. They can find the reincarnated goddess who has been reborn as a human but still has the power to absolve their sins.

You can choose characters from either The Department of Wishes or The Department of Punishments.

Ichthys Our Pieces


Guess who just took the lead for favorite route so far? You guessed it, Ichthys!

He is by far my favorite at this point. The man has it all. Style, humor, great looks, caring nature, and he’s amazing with kids. Ichthys is the perfect package I tell you!

So how’d he end up on the sinners list? Well I can’t tell you (spoilers) what I will tell you is that Ichthys is dying. Not a spoiler people it’s in his description. Ichythys is always the life of the party and goofying around, but is that all just a mask he uses to deal with the grim reaper lurking behind him? He says he’s come to terms with destiny but the MC begins to suspect that isn’t the case at all. To find out the full journey you’ll have to play the route yourself!

Pulling his style OFF

Something  to look forward to is that this route is funny. Ichthys is hilarious and there were plenty of times that I laughed out loud. That’s right… true lol moments. Also this route has my favorite version of the MC. She is much more spunky this time around. I think Ichthys has a way if bringing that out of people.

Bonus points we barley have to see Leon. Of course when we do he’s his usual uncharming self. Seriously that guy makes me so mad! We do see more of Scorpio and I have to remind myself that while he doesn’t make the best first impression he does redeem himself in his route! Please don’t judge him from his appearances outside his route.

On the other hand feel free to judge Leon to death… literally. To death.

Normally as I’ve played through the routes I’ve been pretty consistent in my choices and have been able to tell whether I was going to have a Blessed or Forbidden Ending thanks to the love-o-meter. But there was something about Ichthys’ route and my answers were having me fluctuate between the two the whole time! I can only guess it’s his trickster nature coming through.

So even I was surprised when the first time through I ended up with the Blessed Ending. I was more than pleased with that ending though so no hard feelings! But for the sake of you my wonderful readers I did play through again to get the Forbidden Ending just so we could all compare.

The Blessed Ending is great. You got some romance, Ichthys takes you somewhere completely unexpected… well maybe it is expected since Ichthys is always full of surprises? Either way it’s pretty awesome. Certainly makes you feel like mortal men really need to step up their game. The Forbidden Ending was hilarious in true Ichthys style but I have to say I think I’ll be giving the gold star to the Blessed Ending.

Honestly I would love to just play through every single thing Voltage has out for Ichthys right now but I promised I would get you all of the the Star-Crossed Myth main routes and I am a woman of my word! No more distractions… Even it the distraction is Ichthys!

And trust me… he is a distraction.

Well Grimms that’s all for me! Enjoy the rest of your Monday and make sure to drop some love in the comment section below!

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