Haikyuu Vs Ace of Diamond: The Battle Of The First Opening Theme

Hey Grimms!

Today’s post is exactly what it sounds like. I took a look at the first opening theme for both of these shows and asked myself, “Who did it better?” Perhaps I’m secretly a masochist because both of these themes are pretty strong in my opinion.

Haikyuu is clearly not messing around using the song Imagination by Spyair.


Diamond of Ace also throws down with Go Exceed by Tom H@ck which is a straight up bop.

After much thought and consideration finally I was able to choose one.

Drumroll Please….

Haikyuu with Imagination by Spyair! This was a hard choice but I did consider different aspects like how the animation lined up with the song and if I felt it was a good representation of the show itself. The production team on both sides choose the opening theme well and the animation intro is flawless. So how did I manage to pick a favorite? In the end I had to think about how each song made me feel.

When I hear Go Exceed I immediately think of Diamond of Ace. The song makes me feel happy and hopeful. When I hear Imagination I feel pumped. I honestly feel like I can achieve anything! It really makes me feel ready to take on the day. To take on ANYTHING. I just want to get up and go! Hell it makes me feel like even I could play volleyball… which I totally suck at and have absolutely no talent for. THIS song though makes me believe it’s possible!

I’m sure you could make a case that my Haikyuu bias is coming through but honestly I just think that the song is amazing. I loved it from the moment I first heard it. What can I say I’m a bit of a music nut and I take it all to heart. Well you know which one I choose now what about you? Which is your favorite opening?

Check you next time Grimms and I hope to do another battle post soon!

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