Fruits Basket Revisited Volume 8: BLACK HARU?!

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As always there will be zero spoilers for volume 8 but please expect spoilers from volumes 1-7 though.

The Story So Far…

The feelings for Tohru felt by Kyo and Yuki are getting stronger by the page, hell by the panel! Although neither of them are in no way ready to admit those feelings to her, themselves, or anybody else for that matter!

You oblivious minx…

They can deny it all they want but everyone besides Tohru is aware of their feelings. Isn’t that always the way in Shojo?

Before Tohru discovered Kyo’s true form it was clear she was making ripples in the Zodiac and slowly causing little changes within the family but after Tohru finds out about Kyo things really begin to escalate.

I like that it’s not that Tohru is some miracle worker fixing problems left and right. Far from it. The great thing about Tohru is that she is doing something that everyone can do but not everyone does.

She’s accepting people. There is such a difference between tolerating and accepting. You’re not supporting someone when you simply tolerate their existence. It sounds so easy to just accept someone but if society has taught us anything it’s incredible difficult for the majority of people. Quick example, how long have members of the LGBTQ community been fighting for acceptance just to have basic rights?

Toruh’s ability to accept is her strongest trait and I think it’s her ability to do it so easily that effects change. When people experience it, it gives them a higher standard to live up to. They feel compelled to at least try when they watch her do it so effortlessly.

It also has the ability to bring out people’s jealousy. There are certain people in this world who just hate to watch people succeed in areas they haven’t. Case in point, Hiro Soma.

Ugh… he is one of my least favorite characters because he’s such a little beast! To his credit though he does recognize that the reason he dislikes  Tohru is because she was able to help Rise when he couldn’t. I also realize I do need to cut him some slack because he is only a 6th grader and Akito has once again inflicted some serious psychological damage on the poor kid.

While his attitude may drive me up the wall as a character he is very useful at highlighting two majorly influential things in Fruits Basket. One, the fact that Tohru’s influence is something we can all do and two the psychological hold Akito has on every member of the Zodiac.

When Hiro tells Akito he loves Rise and Akito beats the ever living hell out of her Hiro cannot be angry with Akito… He is completely incapable of it as are all the characters and you see how this influences them.

Kyo can’t be angry with Akito for how he’s treated as the cat so instead he’s angry at Yuki for being the rat that tricked the cat so long ago. Yuki can’t be angry with Akito for the overbearing psychological and physical abuse Akito has put him through so he’s mad at Kyo who he feels doesn’t appreciate the fact that he isn’t treated like a main member.

The list goes on for each character. They are incapable of completely turning away from Akito and it will be interesting to see how this curse plays out as the story continues.

Volume 8


So much is going on in this volume! Characters that we’ve only heard whispers of finally take the stage and bring with them even more mysteries. Each volume makes it increasingly clear that Shigure is playing a dangerous game with Tohru in the thick of it.

He’s not nearly as nonsensical as he would like everyone to believe and the only people who seem fully aware of that are Ayame and Hatori. What is Shigure up to?

That’s Black Haru alright!

Speaking of mysterious effects what’s going on with our lovable Haru? He’s normally the one worrying about everyone else but it seems like he has a lot on his mind too.


Finally Ayame is back in full force! Will this be the volume that his feelings finally reach Yuki? Will bridges of brotherhood be created?

That’s for the reader to decide but I will say that this volume holds one of my favorite scenes between the two the two of them.

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