Cosmic and Holographic? Sign Me Up!

Or not Grimms… Sign me up or not Grimms…

This weeks face mask brings us another Freeman product. I got a few of their little packets to try out so you will be seeing more of them in the coming weeks. Sunday was Mother’s Day so I thought I would treat myself to a relaxing bath and face mask. It was the best. Even though I truly enjoyed my relaxing time I still have to stay truthful to all of you on how I felt about the product.

When I first saw Freeman’s Cosmic Holographic Face Mask I thought it was going to be amazing! I mean the packaging looks super cool and the phrasing makes you think it’s going to be this really bold and out there facial experience. The honest truth of the matter though is that I was completely let down! I know I had some issues with their Melted Sugar Face Mask because it was a pretty sticky product which made it difficult to get off of my face when the time came but after this mask I’m beginning to think they have a serious problem with their formula across the board.

See what I mean? It doesn’t look exciting at all!

This mask is supposed to be a peel off mask but that wasn’t my experience. The directions said to wait 15 minutes or until dry to try to peel it off and I waited about 45 minutes! And it still wasn’t completely dry. I put on a pretty smooth and consistent mask so I don’t understand why it never completely dried all the way. I finally just had to rub of it off because I had other Mother’s Day plans and couldn’t wait in the bathroom forever hoping it would finally dry.

I also thought the color for the product would be a little bolder and more galaxy like. I don’t feel like you see this and think, “Amazing! Is that holographic?” It barely even looks purple. It honestly looks like a boring old peel off mask… Except it doesn’t peel off. Maybe it’s just me but when I do a face mask like this I’m also looking for a bit of an experience. Know what I mean?

I can’t even give this brownie points for my skin because I kept finding left over mask residue. Once again I had the hardest time getting this stuff off of my face. Sure one I did my face felt nice but what a hassle. I know I only paid $2 for a packet but honestly it wasn’t $2 bucks well spent. I wish I would’ve kept my money. I certainly wouldn’t buy an entire bottle of this!

I have to more masks from Freeman to try out and I am keeping my fingers crossed for some better results. Until next week I will leave you with the link to this product incase you want to try it out yourself.

Cosmic and Holographic Facemask

Have a great day everyone!

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