Star-Crossed Myth: Huedhaut

Lovely Grimms!

How are you? Mondays may be a drag sometimes but hopefully some otome can make you feel better. We continue our quest through Star-Crossed Myth, a Voltage Inc game.


A few gods have sinned and been cast out of the heavens. There only way back is to have their sins absolved by a reincarnated goddess. Luckily for them there just happens to be one living as a human in Tokyo. As the MC it’s up to you to choose your story.



Ohhhh, my fellow Grimms if you’re looking for a romantic storyline this is the one for you. I think if this game was going to be turned into an anime this would be the storyline that would become, “canon”. If you’re into destiny and all that sort of thing look no further. This is it!

Hue has a strong storyline, no doubt about that, but it also helps that he is a solid character. He has just a hint of snarkiness that I adore. I don’t like for characters to be straight up dicks. Nobody likes a guy like that. I do however applaud sarcasm here and there for the sake of humor. I like a humorous man in my otome and bonus points if they can tease the MC in a way that isn’t cruel but light hearted and fun.

Hue succeeds on all counts!

The MC is a bit of a dip in a lot of ways. At one point she decides not to confess her feelings because she doesn’t want it to be awkward but it’s going to be the last time she sees him. So who cares?! Take a leap of faith. Even if he rejects her it’s not like she’ll run into him going to work or something. It just seems so silly.

Unfortunately we see a lot of Leon in this route. No chance of second lead syndrome with him running around. This guy is such an arrogant tool. I get so sick of his face! Also the MC is a reincarnated GODDESS it’s not like she’s just a regular run of the mill human and she’s their only hope of ever getting back into heaven. That alone should be enough to put some respect on her name but you also find out in this storyline how she ended up being reincarnated and let me tell you it’s because she’s a badass.

I will not have smarmy Leon running around calling her goldfish as if she is nothing to the heavens or the world. Gaaaah! What a jerk. If I could change anything about this route it would be seeing much less of Leon.

Minus those small details this storyline was a romantic read. I think many people would enjoy this route. I can’t believe there would be anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this route! I personally could sink more time on this no problem. Hue is a pretty sweet character!

As far as which ending to shoot for I’m Team Forbidden 100%! I mean daaaaammmnnm Hue! The man seems cool and logical but if the Forbidden Ending taught me anything is that’s just a front until he’s around his lady. The Blessed Ending is very sweet and pretty but I think we see much more of Hue’s true side in the Forbidden Ending. He is holding back in the Blessed Ending no doubt about that.

Well Grimms I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll check you next time! What otome games have you been digging lately?

* I do not own these images *

Enjoy your Monday 🙂 Here’s a shirtless Hue.

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