Ace of Diamond Has Me All Kinds of F*cked Up

Grimms it’s great to see you back!

If you are an Ace of Diamond fan than you know a new season is streaming this spring. If you’re not a fan I have to ask why the heck not!?

No big deal but Sawamura is kind of my anime son.

Disclaimer this post is not spoiler free. If you are new to Ace of Diamond please check out my first season review.

Could it be because you don’t want to deal with the emotional cluster f*ck that is this show? That’s fair because as of writing this post we’re only three episodes in and I already want to die. Honestly I think I have cried more for this anime than any other and yes, I am including Clannad After Story in this.

All I want in this world is for my adorable Sawamura to be able to reach his full potential and win Nationals. Do you know what I have suffered for this man? The emotional pitfalls I have clawed myself out of over this dream? I have been through the anime emotional TRENCHES for this series!!

I have watched as they have failed, as third years have left empty handed, as Sawamura has been looked over, as he has struggled to prove his worth to his teammates, coaches, and himself. I have watched their soul crushing (yes I said SOUL CRUSHING MY SOUL HAS YET TO RECOVER) defeat that cost them not only their trip to Nationals but psychological damage to Sawamura causing him to suffer the yips.

Even after that I rooted for his survival on the team! I watched as he pushed inch by inch to overcome his deficits as his rival Furuya continued to excel. Do you know how hard it was for me to both want Furuya to improve for the team but also feel gutted as Sawamura struggled with feeling left behind?

And finally after all my suffering they made it to Nationals. The joy I felt, the tears I shed, you have no idea. Finally after over 100 episodes it was happening, Nationals. Sure I was going to have to wait eight billion years for the next season but it was worth it. For months I harbored dreams that not only would my favorite team win Nationals but along the way they would all grow as individual players and finally after many hardships Sawamura would become the type of pitcher everyone could rely on and become… Ace.

Do you three enjoy killing me? Is it a Seido thing?

So imagine my surprise when THREE EPISODES IN THEY LOST IN THE QUARTER FINALS!!! I couldn’t even believe what I had witnessed. Was I just punked? Did Ashton Kutcher come out of prankster retirement to pull the cruelest punk of all time. After months (years when I really think of it) of dedication, 152 episodes, and all the tears I possess only for them to not only lose but my precious Sawamura didn’t even get to showcase his skills.

At this point just rip my heart out and burn it. Just burn it.

So why do I keep watching? Because it’s so damn good. Each episode compels me. Each victory and defeat engulfs me completely. I am committed to all of the characters and seeing how things work out. So yes, this show produces all kinds of emotions for me but it’s only able to do it because it’s so good.

So here’s to another emotional roller coaster! Through tears and laughter you know I’ll be watching and cheering my team to victory at the Nationals no matter how long it takes!

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