Fruits Basket Revisited Volume 7: More From The Red Butterfly

Welcome Back Grimms!

I will use any excuse to add pictures of these two together to my posts.

How’s my favorite crew to dish about manga with doing today? I hope all is well in your perspective worlds.

I can only cross my fingers that each of you is doing wonderful. If you’re not then perhaps a quick stop at GrimmGirl will at least offer a reprieve.

A quick reminder…

This post contains zero spoilers for volumes seven but there will be spoilers for volumes 1-6. If you have yet to read those volumes please see my earlier work.

The Story So Far…


Can we just take a moment to discuss everything that happened last volume? I mean the growth of Kyo has been giving me life for days! And seeing flashbacks of baby Kyo? Oh my goodness…

Just kill me now.

Seeing everything he has overcome made me cry buckets. And the scene where Tohru sees his final transformation and just runs to him was absolutely beautiful.

Like Jesus sliding down an ice cream rainbow while giving away free concert tickets and puppies as G-Dragon dropped a dope beat sort of beautiful.

In fact I will never, ever, ever, NEVER forgive the original anime for how they portrayed Tohru when she learned about Kyo’s secret. Why ruin such a beautiful moment?

I digress…

On top of everything that happened with Kyo we got to see Yuki and Ayame together! Nothing short of hilarious. When Tohru gets excited about visiting Ayame’s shop musing on how she’s always wondered what type of shop sold maid and nurse uniforms and you see Yuki’s face I laughed so hard!

Oh my poor Yuki! You had no idea what you got yourself into when you asked to visit your brother’s place of business.

Thoughts on Volume 7

The Red Butterfly!

As can be expected we get another introduction to some new characters. Between you and me one of my least favorite characters finally rams onto the scene. While that introduction is a little lackluster for me personally there’s still a lot to look forward to in this volume.

Flashbacks help us see Uo-Chan in a whole new light. Not that she wasn’t already top notch to begin with! If that wasn’t enough to push you towards reading this volume the glorious day where the word, “panties” was spoken in front of Kyo and Yuki has come and I’m 100% sure they’re still coming to terms with it! The laughter I had at their expense!

Yuki’s Fan Club also makes an appearance but I don’t think anything can surpass them trying to infiltrate Hana’s house. I am still laughing about that.

Still a total crazy pants…

I can’t wait to pick up the next volume and hit you guys with some more Fruits Basket. In the meantime any guesses on who I peg as one of my least favorite characters?


*I do NOT own these images! They are the drawings of Natsuki Takaya*

4 thoughts on “Fruits Basket Revisited Volume 7: More From The Red Butterfly

  1. I just recently started watching this anime on crunchy roll. I didn’t think it would be good, but boy was I wrong! I just got to the episode where they explained the whole fruits basket game. 😥 I can only imagine how good the manga is.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That is good to hear. I usually watch action anime based anime. I just clicked fruits baskets on a whim. Now I can’t wait until the next episode comes out. I may have to abstain for a few weeks so that I can binge watch the new episodes. I tried to watch the 2001 anime, but after watching the updated one I couldn’t even get through the first 10 minutes.


      2. Yeah the old one is what I got started on and it’s what got me into the manga. But between you in me I think there’s a lot of issues with the original anime that (in my opinion) they’ve fixed with the reboot. The manga is actually hilarious but I don’t think it comes across in the original. The reboot is doing a better job so far I think! I know I waiting each week for a new episode is so hard! I’m used to being able to binge lol this is not for me!


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