Have You Heard of Creatively Dainty?

Hola Lovely Grimms,

Today we dip our toes into the world of hair accessories. I am really excited about this one because guess what? I actually know the owner of Creatively Dainty! Her name is Kristen and she is a stellar hard worker! I’m always so impressed with my friends who start businesses like this. I love watching people I know focus and achieve their dreams. Creatively Dainty focuses on hair accessories but Kristen (the owner) also creates jewelry pieces as well. I haven’t purchased any of her jewelry yet (give it time) but I’m obsessed with her hair accessories right now.

Rocking the Standard Headband

She makes scrunchies and headbands that come in two different styles, standard and turban. I have one of each and I plan on getting more! She has so many different fabric choices. These are the first headbands like this that I’ve used that actually stay on. I’m not constantly putting them back on or trying to get them to stay with bobby pins. For that comfort alone I will give you my money!

Scrunchie Life Forever

She also creates bows for children. I haven’t purchased them yet either but you can bet I will in the future. Not only can I see using them as stocking stuffers for my kids but what a great present idea for others! Again Kristen creates these herself so it’s not like you’re going to find them in stores. The chances of someone else buying the same gift as you just got waaay slimmer.

Turban Style Headband 

If you’re interested in checking out her work for yourself I’m including a link to her Facebook page below. For all of my international readers you may have to check if she mails too your area and also be aware of any duty/postage fees.

I bet you’ll be able to find pieces you like just like me!

Creatively Dainty

Have a great Tuesday Grimms ❤

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