Star-Crossed Myth: Dui

Hi Grimms!

Welcome back to Otome Mondays. How long has it been since we’ve had one of these on GrimmGirl? I shudder to even check but I think we all know it’s been to damn long.

I decided to really start crushing it in this department and putting a lot of effort into finishing the main routes for the Heaven version of Star-Crossed Myth. I’ve only done three so far (Leon, Teorus, and Scorpio) which makes Dui my fourth. I still have aways to go before I finish all of the main routes but I’m going to be focused on getting you the content!


So here’s the storyline for Star-Crossed Myth (Heaven Storyline) a bunch of gods have been thrown down to Earth for various sins. The only way they can regain their place in the Heavens is by having their sins absolved by a reincarnated goddess on Earth who is now a human. That human is of course the MC.

There are two departments, The Department of Wishes and the Department of Punishments and you can go through storylines for gods in both departments. My goal here on GrimmGirl is to go through all of the main storylines in this game to give you an idea of which characters you should spend your hard earned dollars on!

I try to give enough background on the personality of each character and story so that you can make an informed decision on if you think it would be a fun purchase for you. I am also conscious of making sure I’m not giving away anything in the story that would make playing through less fun. Rest assured I’m not going to be handing out major spoilers!

Dui Sign of Gemini

Don’t let this cute cinnamon roll face fool you… The man can tie cherry stems into heart shaped knots. We all know what that means!

Our next god Dui comes straight from the Department of Punishments and if his name Dui and the fact his a Gemini hasn’t given it away we’re dealing with a man with two different sides to him!

While Dui may seem like a goody two shoes there is the capacity for darkness in all of us. Let’s not forget these gods are on Earth because they have sinned and Dui is no exception to the rule. But what exactly is Dui’s sin and why beneath that warm exterior is he filled with such rage and sadness? That’s for you to find out.

Honestly in my opinion this story is a little slow going to begin with until we start getting hints of the other side of Dui. What can I say, while Dui is Prince Perfect there’s not a lot moving the story along. It’s mostly just the MC oohhing and awwwing about how nice Dui is. I personally enjoy a bit of conflict.

Let’s not act surprised about this! You all read my review for Scorpio and Teorus. You know where my tastes lie! There are no secrets between us anymore.

The MC also isn’t completely annoying in this storyline. We all know that MCs can really be a hit or miss. Honestly she’s pretty middle of the road. Every once in awhile she has a moment where you have a slight cringe but it’s not terrible. Honestly her peak cringe moment for me happened during the Forbidden Ending but there were a few here and there. Also some of the plot points were a little forced. This is an otome game so of course there has to be a moment where they share a room together right? Let’s just say the lead up to that was pretty lame if you want my opinion.

The Blessed and Forbidden Endings were both pretty good so I feel like you could play through answering questions as you please without worrying about a completely awful ending. I honestly have a hard time trying to decide which was my favorite. I guess if I had to choose I’d say that the Blessed Ending was probably best for Dui… but damn that Forbidden Ending!

Either way the story ends with a bit of a mystery that makes you want to explore his story further. Sorry I can’t really say more than that without giving things away!

Final Thoughts

All in all I’d say this was a good route. If you’re looking for a character that exhibits some of those princely type characteristics than this is the man for you. Dui isn’t going to make you work hard for his affections. If you prefer a more tsundere character than you may want to choose a different route although his dark side could keep you interested!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! What are your thoughts on Dui?

Oh, the many versions of Dui ❤

*I do not own these images*

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