Top Five Favorite Moments: Ace of Diamond, To The Dream Stage


Hola Grimms,

I started rewatching Ace of Diamond and thought it would be fun to do a top five list. I’m only covering first season episodes 1-21 with this list. I thought it would be easiest to break things up this way. Basically I’m looking at the start of the show to right before Seido plays their first tournament in the summer to qualify for Nationals.

Number Five: Hey Southpaw

He said what he said and he meant it!

When Sawamura stands up to Azuma I knew this was the show for me. Don’t get me wrong it was great when he shows him up with his pitches and begins his initial relationship with Miyuki, but the real gem for me was him standing up to Azuma from the start.

Honestly it was so gutsy! He’s a complete nobody coming from a nameless school in the middle of nowhere and now he’s at a huge school in Tokyo yelling at an upperclassmen for not speaking nicely to his teammates. The fact that he’s taking to an upperclassman like that is a big deal but let’s add the fact he’s doing this without anyone in his corner. He doesn’t have his friends with him but he is still speaking up for what he believes is right.

Doing that is hard enough when you have the support of friends and he does it on his own. He really is a good egg.

Number Two: The Scrim

You can’t help but be moved by that happy face!

Sawamura really shines when he’s able to light a fire under his team. That is one of his greatest gifts. His absolute mental fortitude and ability to influence the mindsets of his teammates.

Gaaah! I was so proud of my little anime son on this day! As a player the honest truth is he has a ton to work on right now and is barely getting by on raw talent but his ability to keep his cool, carry on, and bring the rest of his team with him cannot be overlooked. He may not have the ace abilities (yet) but he has the ace mentality.

Number Three: Chris is My Hero

Sorry Miyuki you have been replaced.

When Sawamura learns what a little snot he’s been and apologizes to Chris it was such a good moment. It also was a completely necessary moment for Sawamura. Quite frankly he needed a very harsh reminder that he’s not the only one on the team who has a dream. Everyone is eyeing towards something. He also isn’t in any position to pass judgement on players he doesn’t even know.

I was mortified at the way he initially was treating Chris. Even though I had no idea what the full situation was it was clear that Sawamura was being a little jerk. Watching him recognize his own shortcomings and realize how far he truly needs to go to become an ace was such a turning point for him!

Number Two: Furuya Fighting

You can do it!

After their training camp of hell they finish up by playing against another team. It becomes clear that Furuya has a long way to go as a pitcher and relying on throwing fast isn’t going to be enough if they want to advance against other teams. He’s a quite player and at first look might seem a bit conceited but he truly cares about the team.

Since he had bad luck with his team in the past he had developed a problem opening up but when he finally calls Miyuki to the mound to ask how to fight off the batters it’s a pretty big deal. He wouldn’t normally ask for advice! And when Miyuki reminds him that he has the teams trust it’s so powerful! Furuya has never been acknowledged by his team like this before!

Number One: Best Pitch

Their battery is one of my favorite things!

When we finally get to see Chris take the field it is glorious but the cherry on top, the real goosebump moment is when Sawamura is finally able to throw his best pitch for Chris. Was I the only one with tears in my eyes?

What a moment that was!

The battery Sawamura and Chris have developed can not be beaten. I only wish we were able to see the two play together with Chris at 100% strength. Miyuki is right to look up to Chris, he knows his stuff. The way Chris has been able to start pulling out talent from Sawamura is beautiful. To finally see that effort realized from Sawamura was to amazing for words.

Hands down my favorite moment before the team heads to the Qualifying Tournament.

What about you? Comment below with some of your favorite moments.

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