First Impressions… Fruits Basket Reboot

Hey Grimms!

Did you know I’m a huge Fruits Basket fan? I started by watching the original anime on Netflix. There’s only the one season so when I got to the end I had to find out what happened! I read all of the volumes very shortly after and they were so great I had to start buying them for my own collection.

So when I heard a reboot was happening I was…



I have always hated the fact that the original Fruits Basket never got to completely finish the manga series. I really hope this reboot is a chance to cover the entire series. So fingers crossed this reboot is extremely popular and they decide to carry it on.

I have watched the first three episodes and I have not been disappointed. The choices for the Japanese voice actors have been spot on for the characters so far. Their intro and outro songs are perfection. You know I’m going to have to put them both on my playlist!

In fact the music throughout is spot on for me. I think they do a great job of selecting pieces that really enhance the vibe of the show. The music in the original Fruits Basket has a much different vibe and full disclosure I think I’m digging the vibe the reboot is coming through with a bit more.

Don’t get me wrong I really love the original and I’m not trying to knock it! This is 100% personal opinion. I think the music in the original is kind of slow going. Does that make sense?

I also really like the artistic direction the took in the animation. Everything seems bright but at the same unearthly. Which is exactly the vibe I feel the manga carries. It’s great to see it brought to life onscreen.

Spoiler Ahead For Anyone Who Hasn’t Seen The Original

My only hope is that (and I know I’ve talked about this before) the scene between Kyo and Tohru where she discovers his second form is handled better than the original anime did.

It’s my absolute favorite scene so I’m really sensitive to how it’s portrayed.

Final Thoughts

I can’t wait for the next episode!

My only regret is I haven’t been able to watch the Dub as well… damn you Funimation. I blame the fact the Crunchyroll/Funimation deal went south. Again the Japanese voice actiing is superb but there are a lot of English voice actors cast for the reboot that I’d love to hear. Just to see their takes on these iconic roles. Not to mention the fact that then I could watch the reboot with my daughter. She’s not old enough to read the subs yet so she can’t watch the reboot until we’re able to watch the dub version, we’ll get there eventually though.

See ya next time!

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