Have You Heard of Rothy’s?

Hey Grimms,

Mark your calendars because this is a momentous day. This marks the day that I received my first pair of Rothy’s flats. It also marks the day that I spent the most money on a pair of shoes ever in my life!

I did it for the planet!!!

How so? Let me explain.

Who is Rothys?

Rothys is a company dedicated to sustainable fashion. I’ve talked about this before on GrimmGirl but the amount of waste humans generate through our fashion choices is insane. We go through t-shirts like we go through toilet paper. Only t-shirts have a MUCH harder time breaking down. So they just pile up with all of our other clothing creating miles of garbage.

Literally miles.

As humans it’s up to us to make better choices by investing in our fashion. Instead of buying quickly produced items that are designed with the intention of ripping so that you’ll buy more, stick to resale items. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is a saying we have to take more literally. By buying resale items we’re recycling the clothing that would otherwise end up in a landfill and were doing it in a way that’s cost effective for our wallets!

Introducing the Rothy’s Loafer! They are pretty comfortable especially when you remember their made from plastic!

If we do need to buy a new item than it should be of higher quality so that it last much longer than a fast fashion item. We should also make sure the company is a fair employer who is treating their employees with dignity and ensuring they are paid a livable wage and working in safe conditions. The product may be more costly but you save money and the planet in the long run.

This was was the decision I was left with. My old flats had run their course and it was time for another pair. I considered seeing if I could find a suitable pair in a resale store but a year ago I came across Rothys and the thought of buying a pair of their shoes never left me.

You see Rothys shoes are really incredible because they’re made of… water bottles!

“Rothys began as an idea to turn recycled, single-use plastics into something beautiful and useful. Three years in, we’ve taken 20 million plastic bottles destined for landfills and repurposed them into timeless, durable flats.” -Rothy’s

Not only are these shoes made of materials that would otherwise pollute the Earth but when at some point in the very distant future I do need to let them go I can have them recycled into new shoes! They’re totally sustainable!

Love the woven pattern! You can also pay extra for different colored inserts but I wanted to stick with the Navy Blue throughout

According to their description their production actually produces very little waste, they carry little inventory so that they aren’t over-producing, and their shoes are washable/durable for long lasting wear!

But sustainability and fair practices mean you have to be willing to pay a fair price. Yep, these shoes are $165 dollars! Gahhh the most I’ve ever spent. But you know what… almost every year I need new flats. Every year I spend about $25 for new flats (at the low end). With these shoes though I won’t need a new pair for many years to come!

I also have to say for a shoe made of plastic they’re quite comfortable and stylish. They come in a variety of colors and three different styles. The Point, The Loafer, and The Sneaker. I ended up going with the Navy Blue Loafer and I’m very pleased with them!

Looking good, looking good!

Not only do they look cool but there was zero break in period. They fit exactly as they should right away. No blisters on these heels after wearing them all day! I’ve gotten flats before that never seemed to break in and would give me blisters every time. This is an improvement! Sure I had to save for a year to get them but worth it in the end! In fact I like these so much I might invest in their sneaker too. If you’re interested in checking them out please click on the link below!


Until next time Grimms! Happy Shopping.

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