Fruits Basket Revisited Volume 6: Where I Was Cemented Forever As Team Kyo

Hey Grimms,

Hitting you hard today with some Fruits Basket love. Its has been a hot minute since I graced your internet lives (and one day I will address what a wild year it has been but not today) so you may have forgotten the deal with my manga series posts.

THIS post will contain ZERO spoilers for volume six however it is written with the idea you have read volumes 1-5. This means I WILL discuss previous events in those volumes. If you haven’t read those volumes please, please cease to read further and instead visit my earlier posts on the subject.


Just Some Ayame and Mine Love For You ❤

The Story So Far…


What a wild ride Fruits Baskets has taken us on so far. Toruh lost her mother and was living alone in a tent because her family (minus her grandpa) is shit. After a storm causes a mudslide to destroy her makeshift home she’s taken in by the ultra cool and rich Somah Family where she discovers their Zodiac secret.

When hugged by a member of the opposite sex certain members turn into one of the Zodiac animals. It sound harmless at first but as the story unfolds we are able to see just how deeply being one of the members has effected each person.

Each Zodiac we have discovered so far has brought us closure to uncovering all of the deep secrets long held by the members. In volume five I did all over again reading how Momiji is unable to be with his family because his mother was so distraught at him being a Zodiac member that her memory had to be earased by Hatori.

Yuki was also abandoned by his family to live with Akito who seems to take pleasure in abusing the members of the Zodiac physically and mentally when ever the chance presents itself. Akito seemed to be particularly hurtful to Yuki who can barely be in the same building as Akito now with it suffering fear gripping panic.

Volume Six

Baby Kyo is to much for me!

Volume six may be my favorite volume of the series. We learn so much about various members and how the Zodiac Curse haunts their past, present, and futures. But even with the doom and gloom of the curse hanging over their heads hope does grow in the distance in the form of Toruh.

Her ability to offer friendship and acceptance cannot be underestimated. I think that is a big winning point in the character of Toruh. She doesn’t tolerate the curse and all of the problems and negative feelings it produces. She accepts all of it willingly and with kindness.

This trait of hers becomes increasingly valued in the Zodiac members as they slowly begin to show her more and more of their world.

Keeping with the tradition of weaving heart-wrenching storylines with intermitent hilarity Ayame is back on the scene to try to mend bridges with his younger brother Yuki. I think whenever Ayame enters a scene you can’t help but to laugh.

This volume is absolutely golden and while I won’t giveaway anything more I will say that while I’ve always had a soft spot for Kyo and Toruh this the moment I became a ride or die fan of their relationship.

Kyo and Toruh being together forever is the petty hill I am willing to proudly die on.

I will fight anyone for this ship.

Thanks for stopping by Grimms! I’ll catch you in the next post. In the meantime who’s your favorite between Shigure, Ayame, and Hatori?


*These Images are NOT mine. They are the work of Natsuki Takaya*

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