Lita Kino Edition: Which Sailor Moon Villain is Your Horoscope Match?

Hello Grimms ❤

Have you missed me terribly?

I can assure you that I have missed you all most fiercely. To make up for my lack of activity I’m ready to bring a post that is sure to feel you with love at the power of the Moon. That’s right we’re doing a Sailor Moon collab post featuring none other then our very own darling anime blogging Sailor Scout Lita Kino!

This blog idea was brought to you by a conversation on Twitter between Karandi, Arthifis, and myself sparking the blog idea of which Sailor Moon Villain someone would date. So huge shout-out to those two for being the spark to my fire.

Here’s how this will work. I’ve talked with Lita (operator of Lita Kino Anime Corner) to get her zodiac sign and from there I’ve done a bit of research to find villainous  love candidates from Sailor Moon that according to the rules of the zodiac should be perfect matches for Lita…excluding the fact that they’re villains. You’ll have to meander over to her blog though to find out whom she choose and why!

So our lovely Lita is a Capricorn, which means she would be compatible with (by laws of the zodiac) a Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, or Pisces. Unfortunately (even after extensive digging) I could only find confirmed birthdays for two Sailor Moon villains. So her only choice today will be between a Scorpio and a Virgo. These to are pretty delish choice though so I don’t think it will be an easy decision!

Let’s begin!

Zoisite the Passionate Scorpio


Scorpio’s are known for being strong-willed, passionate, intelligent, jealous, possessive, and secretive. That may not sound like the start of an amazing boyfriend BUT it’s also known that Scorpio’s possess a certain way about them that makes them pretty captivating. This could be due to the fact that they’re passion and stubbornness makes for one loyal friend and partner.

To see proof of that look no further than his relationship with Kunzite. Sure he can be hotheaded but he does care about the people in his life. I think in a relationship the right amount of passion can be just what a couple needs to survive. Zoisite is 100% the type of man to go the extra mile for someone he cares about because of his passion. He wants the people in his life to know that they mean something to him. You could also do a lot worse than to have a strong-willed and intelligent man in your life. Listen up, with a guy like Zoisite you never have to worry about him losing his way. The man is driven and quite frankly that is an attractive quality in a person!

Now personally I’m not a fan of overly jealous, possessive, and secretive people but even stereotypically negative qualities can be nice when challenged with the right energy. Zoisite may get jealous from time to time but not in a creepy let me clone your cellphone sort of way. If you have a partner on your hands pulling stunts like that run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. When he gets jealous he channels it into becoming better. Sure in this case it means destroying the Sailor Scouts but at least he shows passion in his job! And sure his possessiveness of his friend Jadeite causes him to try to avenge his death by killing Mars but again… At the end of the day when he says he’d do anything for you he probably isn’t lying…

Saphir the Practical Virgo


Hopefully you remember this keeper. Saphir may have been on Team Black Moon but you have to admit he has a presence about him. He wasn’t the head Prince but daaaammmmn… Maybe he should’ve been! I’m just saying I feel like you would have a hard time turning Saphir down if he asked you to switch sides!

On the good side Virgos are known to be practical, meticulous, analytical, reliable, intelligent, and modest. So it makes sense that Saphir isn’t the head honcho of the group. As a Virgo he’d much rather be the power behind the thrown. Pulling strings you didn’t even know you had! While Saphir may seem aloof any women lucky enough to snag him as a boyfriend would be able to tell you he would more than make up for it in reliability. Just ask his brother Prince Demand. No matter what stunts his brother pulled Saphir stuck with him tell the end refusing to betray him.

On the bad side Virgos are also known to be overcritical, fussy, fastidious, harsh, conservative, and judgmental. Hey, hey, hey! Nobody is perfect so I don’t think we should fully count Saphir out. Truth be told he does live up to his Zodiac. Saphir isn’t going to be impressed by any women! But you know what? That could actually be a good thing in moderation. I’ve always believed that anyone that you’re with should push you (in a loving healthy way) to be the best version of yourself.

While Saphir’s words can be brazen at least you would always know where you stand! A true Virgo like Saphir isn’t going to toy with your heart or play mind games. At the end of the day he’s a stand up guy who will always let you know what’s on his mind… even if you might now want to hear it.

Who Will It Be

If you want to know which villain has captured our fair Lita’s heart you will have to head over to her blog. I’m including a link below so don’t forget to check it out. Personally I can’t wait to see whom she picks! In the meantime comment below with whom you think it will be!

Click Here to Find Out Who Has Won Lita’s Heart!

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