My Husband Reacts To… Haikyuu!!

Hey Grimms,

I know what you all are thinking, “How wasn’t this the FIRST anime Kat made her husband watch?” And to answer that…

Come on Grimms if I had started with this masterpiece and he had anything less then praise our marriage could’ve been in jeopardy! Hahahah I jest (sort of). In all honesty there are more episodes in this series then the previous ones chosen so it was just a matter of finding the time to soak up the greatness. Without for ado the moment we’ve all been waiting for My Husband Reacts to season one of one of my FAVORITE ANIME OF ALL TIME!!

“It seems like a pretty intense show. Good start, it was interesting enough to hold my attention.”

Sigh… This really takes me back to the first time I sat down to watch this show. *GrimmGirl stares nostalgically into the void* I was testing this show out on a whim and by the end of the episode I just knew, just KNEW I was had found something great.

“It’s over the top intensity is funny… Goku level powerups for these spikes.”

Bahahaha!!! Okay he got me there. Those spikes and some of the other “sports” moments are super over the top but that’s what makes this show gold. I mean is it even a sports anime if the character doesn’t have to channel the fire of God himself to score?

Haikyuu Adam4
His Power Level Is Over 9000!!!!

“Does Kageyama ever show any enjoyment in life ever? Look at his face… His face says I want to kill someone.”

Let me just warn you all right now Adam has some things to say when it comes to Kags and quite frankly many people are not going to like it! Let’s just say Adam doesn’t stan for our wayward little volleyball player the way some of the fandom does. I have to admit though in the beginning I was team Hinata and just wanted to punch Kageyama in his smug little face. I honestly feel bad about my initial feelings on Kageyama! He’s come so far. Adam doesn’t know that yet though.

Haikyuu Adam5
Am I the only one feeling personally attacked right now?

“For some reason Hinata remind me of a little lion. I’m calling him Young Simba.”

Okay…. This is actually the truest thing ever spoken about Hinata EVER. Can somebody with skill draw me an adorable Hinata/Simba cross-over? Because the world needs that amount of cuteness.

Speaking of nicknames my husband gives the characters to remember them by Tsukki will forever be “Slim Shady” in his eyes. I’m literally laughing as I type that. I think he’s on to something.


“A part of me thought they were going to lose but then they build you up and you think they’ll win but no… Fail.”

I am happy to say that Adam was just as devastated and heartbroken as the rest of us when he finally witnessed the ending of season one. I am not the only one who still tears up at that am I? Because seriously I will forever have trust issues for what season one did to me.

“Now I have to see the next season.”

Y’all… We got ourselves another one!

Haikyuu Adam6.jpg


Hope you all enjoyed this latest edition of “My Husband Reacts!” I think we will eventually have to do a part two where we watch all of season two! In between though I might have to SPICE things up with another anime. I’m sure you will all EAT UP the next post.

Can you tell I’m trying to give you a hint at what the next anime we’re watching is?


6 thoughts on “My Husband Reacts To… Haikyuu!!

  1. The simba/hinata cross over thing would be amazing. Hopefully someone takes up the challenge. I still don’t think it will beat the mii-kun/platelet cross over, but it will be pretty adorable.
    Love these posts and looking forward to the next one.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. If someone takes up the challenge I would be so happy 🤗 I wish I was a more skilled artist! I could totally see it on a tshirt though XD I can’t wait for the next one to come out. I can already say that so far watching this next show has been hilarious!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. That is so fun! I remember I tried to do this with my husband and at one point I just looked at him, “Don’t you have anything to say?” Then he replied “You don’t like it when I talk during shows..”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 That’s us! Lol now I’ve finally given him a reason to keep going without driving me insane! Omgooodness this next one we’ve started is going to be epic! I have to choose anime I’ve already watched otherwise his talking would legit drive me insane lol!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Doing this has been hilarious! Have to get another one posted soon because we honestly have so much fun watching together and I love reading everyone’s comments to his reactions! Omgoodness both of those suggestions sound great, I’m adding them to the list for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

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