GrimmGirl Responds: Birthday Edition


Hello Grimms!

As you know my birthday was in August (YAY!) So I decided to do a question and answer post to mark the big occasion. Thank you all for submitting your questions and I’m glad to finally have the post out for you. Shall we get this party started?

“Recently, I heard JYP mention, in a presentation for investors I watched on Youtube, that one of the principles of JYP Entertainment was Creating Through Happiness. This seems like an energy that comes through your work and reviews. Can you share your responses to this approach?”

First off thank you so much for saying that! I really view that as a huge compliment that you are able to glean the happiness I find through creating for GrimmGirl. I truly believe that with anything you do you should do it because you find some sort of positive value in it. I think that holds true not only with writing but with everything you do in life.

One of the saddest things you can see as a creator is watching someone burn themselves out doing something they love to the point where it isn’t fun for them anymore. I think once it isn’t positive for you as a creator it also starts to become less engaging and enjoying for the viewer too. When I write something I’m hoping to share an experience with all of you in a way that can be positive for us all. I think that this is honestly good for just overall mental health well-being.

This is also why I make it a point not to watch shows that I know I will hate and give myself the ability to drop shows that aren’t working for me. My “First Impressions” post started out because I needed a way to do that even when someone expressed interests in me watching a show. I didn’t want to clog up GrimmGirl with a lot of negative posts because that’s just not my own style. You gotta stay true to yourself as a creator!

With an impressions post I can try out a show and if there are things about the show that I’m not liking I can let everyone know without having to force myself to watch the entire series if I don’t want to. A perfect example of this is my Seven Deadly Sins review. As you all know I did not care for that show and dropped it after 3 or 5 episodes (I can’t quite remember). There would have been zero joy on my end continuing that series.

It also wouldn’t be fun for all of you if I spent ten more posts picking apart why I hate the show. That’s not the type of vibes I want to put out. I want to be able to say what I need to say and then move on to the next thing. That can be a hard approach sometimes because I think we all fall into ruts and want to dwell in the negative but moving forward is what helps us to grow as creators and people ❤


Have you discovered JYP’s new group, Boy Story? They debut next month. If you have discovered them, what’s your reaction? If you haven’t what are you waiting for?

Man! I have been out the game for too long because I had not heard of this group before this question! Needless to say I will be checking them out ASAP. Possible idea for a future post perhaps?

How do you integrate your interests and activities into the busy life of a mom of two?

I will be 100% honest Grimms it is not easy! I’m sure you all remember the glory days when I would post every day except for Friday and I have not been in that mode since I got pregnant with my second kiddo! That being said I think that it is important as a parent to have your own hobbies and activities outside of your children. GrimmGirl honestly helps me keep that balance. It’s almost like it gives me an excuse to do so.

I admit sometimes it feels like this…

I think as a parent I sometimes get so wrapped up in my kids needs and forget that I have to take a few moments for myself. Writing helps me to say, “The kids are in bed, the laundry can wait until tomorrow! Tonight I’m going to watch an episode of Food Wars and write my review.” Or whatever it might be. It helps me balance those two worlds.

As my daughter has gotten older (can you believe she is five now!) it’s gotten easier because I have been able to start to share the anime world with her. Currently we are watching Fairy Tail, Voltron, and Avatar the Last Airbender. If you follow me on Twitter you know she has some pretty hilarious reactions to the shows. My sister has even suggested doing a “My Daughter Reacts” series like I have done with my husband.

I honestly think that is a great idea! I think balancing things can become so much either when you are able to create bridges to connect the two worlds instead of completely blocking them off from each other.

How did you decide to start a blog?

It seems like a lot of people I know started their blogs younger than I did! I wish I would’ve started sooner! It honestly just didn’t seem like a possibility. In my area there wasn’t a lot of people growing up that were really into anime. The only place to really watch it was on Cartoon Network so before college I had really only seen Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, and Inuyasha. Which I loved but there was really nowhere else to gain access to anything.

Small town meant no hobby shops where you could find tapes. Anime was not as mainstream as it was now so forget about seeing titles in Walmart. We didn’t have a computer until I was a Junior in high school and it was the world’s SHITTIEST computer so streaming was not happening! So college is really when I started getting into anime full force!

Sadly there wasn’t a lot of people I know who was rocking the anime life. That’s when I discovered the world of anibloggers! I admit I first started just creeping on other people’s blogs waaaayyy to nervous to actually say anything. Eventually though everyone seemed so nice that I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own blog! Thank heavens I did because meeting all of you has been amazing!

What was your interest before anime?

Fun Fact in 8th grade I played Lady Macbeth

My biggest interest was probably acting! I have been in plays since elementary school and even performed in a few plays once I hit college. Sadly as I got further into my major and stopped having time for it. I miss it so much though! I have recently been considering picking it back up through our local community theatre. I haven’t been on stage since (GASP) 2009! That’s way too long! Now I really want to get back out there.

What is your Favorite Japanese song?


I love that song so much, it is honestly one of my favorite songs of all time. I can remember to EXACT moment I first heard it. It was a Saturday, I was reading on our living room couch and had the IFC channel playing in the background when Libra came on. It was the first Japanese song that I had heard that wasn’t like an opening/ending theme for a show. I was completely memorized by it. That song still strikes me after all of these years.

What anime character represents yourself?

I have to say Usagi/Sailor Moon FROM THE MANGA! I swear to you 90’s Sailor Moon is not an accurate representation of me. If I have said it once I have said it a million times. You need to read the manga to understand the sheer greatness of the Sailor Scouts and Usagi herself. I really do relate to her though. She has her doubts about herself but when it matters most she always does what she needs to do.

I feel like that is something we can all relate to though. We all have doubts like Usagi but hopefully like her when can rise up and be there for the people we need. Usagi may doubt herself at times but she never doubts her friends. I feel the same way. I do have self-doubts but when I feel like I can’t believe in myself I know I can believe in my friends/family. It may seem like a round about way of thinking but because they trust me and I trust them it reminds me that I have to trust myself just like they do!


Well I hope you have all enjoyed this post and have gotten to learn a bit more about me! I can’t wait to do this again next year ❤

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      1. Aren’t they adorable? BoyStoryBook is a channel on YouTube that has Eng subs of a lot of their interview and profile videos. They’re all really charming kids! Jackson Wang is their hero! 🙂


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