Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog… I’ve Got A Complaint

Hola Grimms!

I’m excited to add to my Kdrama section. I really need to give this area on GrimmGirl more love ❤ Todays post is a review and maybe a smidge of a rant on Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog. Let me just start with the summary and go from there because I have some things to say!

“When a gifted patissier with a gloomy past meets an easygoing café owner, he begins to let down his guard and learn to love again.” -IMBd

Honestly there is a lot of good in this show. Lee Donghae does an excellent job as our “gifted patissier” Go Seung-ji (nicknamed Hedgehog). His backstory is really excellent and I feel like he has great chemistry with the other actors on the show. I lived for his relationship with his mentor/adoptive grandfather Park Byung Moo. It was seriously the sweetest relationship ever.

There is also MAJOR bromance happening here like honestly the friendship formed by the men on the show is so great! I really loved watching them ❤ Not even in a yaoi sort of way! I just loved seeing such solid friendships developing. It was completely heartwarming.

panda and hedgehog3
You two can’t fool me ❤

Finally the plotline was engaging. You find out early on that Seung-ji has no memory before the age of 11 (I think that was the age). He was found with a head injury and no memory of his parents. He was never claimed so he lived life as an orphan. We also find out that there is some backstory with Park Byung Moo and his daughter. Originally there is something between them that has kept them apart for a long time. I won’t get into too much detail because I would hate to spoil anything for you.

On the flipside you also have Choi Won-Il who is the president of a very upscale bakery. He’s trying to find his childhood crush while also living up to his Father’s name. His father died when he was young and his mother remarried a man whom Won-Il despises. His step-father also happens to be the head patissier at his bakery. Can you smell what this drama is cooking?

I’m sorry I couldn’t resist that last line.

In the middle of all of this you Pan Da-Yang. She owns a small cafe and is in search of a patissier who can pull her humble shop off of the brink of finacial ruin. Due to poor sales and terrible cakes her little cafe is in the serious red. She can barely rub to pennies together let alone compete with a cake giant like Won-Il’s bakery. It is due to her search for a patissier that she is able to meet Seung-Ji and all of the different storylines begin to weave together.

Sounds great right?

It was… Except for one little problem…


To be fair I don’t think it is the character itself but actually the actress playing her. Pan Da-Yang is played by Yoon Seung-Ah and this is my first time seeing her in a show. I was not a fan. I found myself just wait for her to get out of the scene just so I could enjoy everyone else. The other side characters were way more interesting to watch! I will admit there were also some things her characters did that were completely annoying or ridiculous but I think perhaps with a different actress I could have found her cute.

I feel bad knocking another actress as she rocks her craft but honestly she kind of killed the show for me. I watched all the episodes but I couldn’t see myself ever rewatching this. Which is a shame because like I said above there are some really great qualities with this show.

panda and hedgehog2
Honestly I just want to see more of this Queen.

Final Thoughts

I say give this show a shot!

While I may not have enjoyed the lead actress that doesn’t mean that you won’t! There are many other aspects of the show that are completely solid so if you end up liking the actress you will probably love the show! At least give it a chance. This show was at least entertaining while I watched it. While I probably will never watch it again that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t fun while it lasted. What can I say it’s no Heartstrings ❤

See ya next time!

7 thoughts on “Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog… I’ve Got A Complaint

  1. I totally agree. I just git this overwhelming feeling a distaste for the character and actress because she talks way to much, is sitting on a high horse about these to guys. I stopped watching yesterday because I was so aggravated with her so I thought I’d try again. Most kdramas like this start off funny than get serious and you can relax and enjoy but this character is just not doing that! Idk if I can finish watching her… Definately should’ve used a different female lead!!!

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    1. Right!? It’s so hard because there are actually so many other good things about this show but everytime she walks into the scene I’m like, “Nooooo!” Honestly I’m afraid to ever pick up another show with her in it. Maybe this is a one off for her acting but idk I really didn’t like her portrayal of the roll. I still don’t think I could ever rewatch it which is a shame because everyone else was fantastic!


  2. I’m happy I’m not the only one. The character is problematic in so many ways. It seems like she just does whatever she wants and then gets mad when things don’t go her way. Also, who throws fits that bad, and that much? She fights dirty, doesn’t listen and makes up her mind to quick, and the men just sit there like it’s normal. The male characters and actors are the only reason I’m going to finish watching, they have such great chemistry. All the other characters but hers, actually make sense. I feel like at the end, I would be the happiest if no one was a couple, the boys became best friends, and she had to deal with her own self. Or hedgehog can end up with her little sister, who seems to be more mature and honestly a better fully rounded character. The writers…..gave Panda one redeming quality (she cares), but it goes away as soon as she gets upset! I don’t understand who didn’t want this character to be liked, but that had to be someones goal in the writers room.

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    1. So much yes to this! Like what the heck were the writers thinking? Her tantrums aren’t cute or endearing they’re just jerky! She comes off as so unappreciative and rude so often. I don’t know how far you are yet so I won’t give examples but there’s a scene in particular that happens later in the series that I literally had to pause the show for before I could continue because I was just like, “Wow. You really are horrible.” But everyone ends is so well written, what happened to hers? The other characters make getting through the series worth it but bc of her I could never rewatch it 😦


  3. I really cant stand Panda. I’m trying to watch this show for the 3th time and again around episode 8 I just cant make myself watch more. I’m trying really hard to continue. It’s a shame as it’s a cute drama and all the characters are interesting in their own way… but Panda is so bratty and immature. I wouldn’t like the character even if she was portrayed by an actress I like. Wish me luck today I’m gonna force myself to watch more… tell me that Panda grows as a person at some point and changes! Never in my life I watched a show with such an annoying main character.


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