Sweaters Are Game Changers

Hey Grimms!

Goodness we have not had a style update in a hot minute. I would like to thank my sister Torri for her work as my photographer for this shoot. You may know her better by her handle HeySquareBear ❤ If you are unfamiliar with her Twitch and Blogging works please check her out using the links below!

Wayward Wanton (Blog)

@heysquarebear (Twitter)

Hey Square Bear (Twitch)

She’s a Queen among women I swear to you. Speaking of swearing she swears A LOT while gaming so if you have baby ear you should probably steer clear. I on the other hand find her hilarious. So take my endorsement as it stands.

In previous posts I have talked about the importance of keeping a wardrobe in check. People have to many clothes, companies make to many clothes, and all of those clothes just end up in landfills. That stuff does NOT break down nicely. So in the name of Captain Planet please shop responsible. One way to do that is to make the pieces you already have work for you and not against you. Finding items that can play off of each other is a must. This way you can create completely different looks/vibes without buying a ton of different pieces.

To demonstrate this allow my to introduce to you the beautiful tale of Chunky Sweater meeting Floral Print Dress.

It’s a love story.

I got this dress sometime ago and honestly I can’t remember when or where. I just know that I like it and that I use it all the time. You wouldn’t think this dress would be so versitile but it is. On it’s own it looks fine. Doesn’t really grab you or anything but you still look put together.


But check out the difference that is made by adding sweater…



Am I right or am I right?! A totally different vibe just by adding one thing. My hair and makeup is the same I just added a sweater. This is not a difficult look to pull off. Just find your favorite casual dress and throw a sweater on it. Not only will it create another outfit but you will look completely adorable. This combo can be used for all kinds of occasions I assure you. Just dress it up or down with your shoes and whatnot.

I hope to bring you more style tips like this in the future but it really depends on my groovy photographer. Hope you enjoyed this post Grimms!

❤ Love Ya

2 thoughts on “Sweaters Are Game Changers

    1. Thank You!! I have to constantly remind myself to stay eco-friendly when it comes to clothes. I’m totally a work in progress but I’m WAAAAYY better than I was before. Gah I use to buy so much STUFF.


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