My Husband Reacts To… Ouran High School Host Club

Hey Grimms!

I’m really excited to bring you all another “My Husband Reacts” post! Sorry it has been so long since my last one but in order to get a reaction my husband actually has to watch it. As I mentioned in the first one he isn’t a big anime watcher so I’m slowly pulling him into the fold. The first reaction post I did my husband graciously decided to watch Yuri on Ice. It was so much fun seeing what he had to say and it seemed like you all had a blast reading it as well. If you didn’t get a chance to catch it you can click here. Otherwise let’s get to Adam’s reaction to Ouran High School Host Club.

Just a reminder these posts are really just for fun! With that said there can be spoilers because I basically just write down the things my husband says during each episode. 

Reaction One


“I sort of suspected Haruhi was a girl because of the voice. Blondey seems all kinds of confused. I still don’t understand the point of this club it seems kind of silly.”

My husband is terrible with remembering character names so “Blondey” equals Tamaki. I laughed so hard when he said that. Also I explained to him what a host club was and it was priceless. He was like, “But I thought the were in high school!? Is that really allowed?!”

For the record everyone. No… I’m pretty sure even at elite schools in Japan they are not allowed to form Host Clubs 😀

Reaction Two


“Wait… So these chicks are paying for dates?”

Basically that is the cut and dry of it! Technically (Koya explains) it is that they pay for specialty items like the Host Club calendar, Haruhi’s pencil, or Host Club sponsored events. However Koya is the Oliva Pope of Ouran High School so at the end of the day the girls (and in the future boy) are paying to hang out with the Host Club members.

Reaction Three


Adam: “Why do those two characters look exactly like each other?”

Me: “Because they are twins.”


BAHAHAHAHA! His reaction to the Hitachi Twins was priceless. Perhaps I should have warned him? Nah, his response was way to funny. My husband was totally torn on this. He realized they were just acting for the club but in his opinion they were to young to act like this. He found it unnerving that they were still in high school. Why couldn’t it be Ouran College Host Club?

Reaction Four


“What’s that little guy”s deal? Does he have the Andy Milonakis disease?”

Can you all guess what character he is talking about? If you guessed Honey you were totally right XD I had to explain that having a boy lolita character is a pretty popular choice in anime. They also have girl lolita characters but not in this show. Then we had a pretty in depth conversation on whether that meant the girls on the show were sexually attracted to little boys or what. Honestly one of these days I should do a post on that whole topic. Alas, it will not be this day!

Reaction Five


“I don’t understand Tamiki he’s a fucking spaz…. (more episodes go by) … Ah, now I get it, he’s totally in love with her.”

It took my husband a minute to get Tamaki’s Haruhi obsession. I swear he realized that Tamaki liked Haruhi at about the same time Tamaki started to suspect it! Men are kind of crazy. I pegged that episode one.

Final Reaction


He liked it but not as much as Yuri on Ice. This had a lot to do with the fact that this show doesn’t have a second season. I had to explain to him that sadly the show just ends after the first season with no plans for  a second. Adam experienced is first anime heartbreak. We have all been there. Grooving to a show we really like only to find out there are zero plans to continue the series. At least the manga finishes! Adam was really disappointed not to be able to find out how everything happens. Does Haruhi end up with Tamaki, Hikaru, or Kaoru? Also does anyone ever find out that she’s a girl?

So there you have it everyone! I can’t wait to come back with our next post 😀 We’ve already started watching a series. No spoilers from me on what the next one will be though. You will just have to wait and see ❤

Love ya Grimms!


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32 thoughts on “My Husband Reacts To… Ouran High School Host Club

  1. That is awesome that you were able to sit down and get your hubby to watch anime with you. Mine was a DBZ fan, but nothing else. Once I got him hooked on a few other shows he’s been an anime fan since. He even has his own shows that he watches without me.

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  2. Fair enough reactions to most of the shenanigans in Ouran really. There’s a lot that only makes sense if you’ve watched a lot of anime and just kind of go with it. Thanks for sharing. It is always interesting getting someone else’s perspective because it usually makes you think about your own view on something.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel ya on that! I really am going to have to revisit this whole lolita boy/girl question Adam brought up in one of these posts but I’m going to have to do a lot more research before I can make that happen.

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  3. That was priceless. I think it is sweet that your husband is willing and does watch anime with you. Host club was one of my favorite shows. You should make your hubby watch the anime Loveless and hear what his reactions are lol.

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