My Hero Academia S2: Super Hero Deku

Where are my MHA Fans at Grimms?

I hope you have all been hotly anticipating this post since I reviewed season one. I will try to write this post as spoiler free as possible but I will be discussing spoilers from season one. So if you have never watched My Hero Academia before please check out my season one review.

Go Deku Go Go!

During the first season we were introduced to a world where the majority of people are born with Quirks. These Quirks are special abilities in a person. For example one might have the ability to float or grow vines out of their fingers. Some peoples Quirks are strong enough that they can become Heroes. Of course not anyone can be a hero. Just like with everything in life of course you would need to go to school for it.

Midoriya is one such Hero hopeful but unfortunately he has been born QUIRKLESS. That in itself is rare but to also want to be a hero is madness. Midoriya is obsessed with the idea and the thirst to become one pays off when he runs into All Might. The greatest Hero alive! All Might is impressed with Midoriya’s ability to face his fears no matter what if it means saving a life. He decides to pass his Quirk onto Midoriya, something that is basically unheard of.

Look at the determination ❤ You Can Do It Deku!

What I have always liked about this show is the fact that just because Midoriya gets  Quirk doesn’t mean he magically becomes this all powerful hero. In fact in many ways it’s the opposite. He hasn’t had years like his other peers to get the hang and adapt to his quirk so whenever he uses it he actually hurts himself a great deal. He still needs to train his body to catch up with his power.

This season centers around the Sports Festival. A tournament that is held at Midorya’s new school where potential heroes show off their skills in order to impress established heroes and agencies they might be able to work with after they graduate. This makes this a really big deal. Basically they are all being scouted. Throughout the festival they will compete with each other until only the final few are left. The big question is who will end up being the strongest of their year?

You two are Team Cutie Pie

On top of worrying about making it through this insane festival and competing against his classmates Midorya is still trying to figure out how to control his Quirk without breaking every bone in his body.

This season was honestly great. Midorya is really coming into his own, I’m so proud! Because he grew up Quickless he has developed a keen sense and analytical skills that help him to think in ways other people wouldn’t. Midorya never relies solely on his Quirk and that makes watching him way more entertaining. You really find yourself trying to figure out how he is going to make it past a challenge. What tiny detail will he pick up on that will help give him an edge in his latest battle.

Bakugou is still a total asshat but season two gave me the pleasure of hating a completely new character. I’m look at you Endeavor. I don’t want to ruin anything for you people but I’m just saying if Endeavor was crushed to death you wouldn’t find me crying about it. There are some moments where I almost forgot that Bakugou was the Devil but then that damn loud mouth would open his mouth at Midorya and it would all come flooding back! Why does he have to be the worst hater ever in the Universe?


The characters in this show really come alive this season. We get to love them all the more, except Bakugou and Endeavor. Those two minions can eat crap for all I care. Uraraka is still a total sweetheart but after season I have to say I think Asui is becoming my favorite girl. Her frog powers are so cool and something about her personality just gets me! I really hope in the future we get more of her background.

Midorya is always going to be my number one guy on this show. He’s had me since he cried in front of the TV in season one. Number to is going to have to go to Todoroki. If you don’t pledge your undying love to Todoroki after season two I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I am such a sucker for a good backstory. As you all may recall in Naruto my number two guy has always been Gaara. The backstory really gets me every time so after you have watched season two it will come to know surprise that Todoroki has quickly earned a place in my heart.

Don’t let this face fool you. Kid’s a total teddy bear.

The last thing and maybe one of the most important things about this season is that we get one step closer to understanding the power of the One For All Quirk. How is it that it is able to be passed from person to person? Also what is the deal Shigaraki and his League of Villains? What does he have agains All Might and the rest of the heroes?

Let’s just say things get pretty intense during season two!

5 thoughts on “My Hero Academia S2: Super Hero Deku

  1. I absolutely love this show. I still haven’t been able to see the second season (yet) but as I have three weeks of vacation time coming up in September, I can hopefully catch up to quite a number of things like this for instance. Loved your post, and glad to read that you enjoyed it so much 😀😀

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    1. It took me awhile to get to season 2 as well. Not because it wasn’t amazing but just being able to find the time! I wish it had an English dub bc then I could watch it with my daughter but it doesn’t so I have to watch it when she’s asleep otherwise she wants me to translate the whole thing 😅 I’m pumped for s3 but I’ve been having to avoid spoilers like the plague!

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  2. TODOROKI, my guy, what an incredible season for ya! I’m really glad you enjoyed this second round of the greatness that is My Hero Academia! Such a fun series full of quirky (and quirkless) characters, and the animation and music, man, it doesn’t get much better!

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