Happy Pride Month From Kasanoda

Hey Grimms ❤

I hope you are all enjoying your pride month so far. I have been loving the pride posts that have been springing up on my TL and I am here for it! So I thought it would be fun to add to the rainbow (see what I did there).

Ouran High School Host Club is one of my all time favorite comedy anime. Seriously I laugh every time I watch it. If you have ever watched it then you know it deals with a lot of themes relevant to the LGBTQ community. This show deals with gender fluidity, trans characters, and lesbians so I am not the first person to use this show to discuss various LGBTQ issues and I certainly won’t be the last.

Recently I have been rewatching this series (yet again) for an unrelated post when I was struck by the character of Kasanoda and found a respect for him that I hadn’t noticed before. I have always enjoyed his character/storyline but this last time I realized something very important that I have never appreciated in him before. I think this is because as I have gotten older I have THANKFULLY been exposed to more people and their stories in this world.

I admit that in my early college days I really didn’t know anything about the Trans Community and the issues that they face. Something that is really serious is the violence the Trans Community face. It is not uncommon for a Trans person to be beaten or in some cases killed because they are Trans. That is crazy to me but this is the life the community currently faces and it is heartbreaking. I knew a little bit about the Gay community the first time I saw OHSHC but I had no idea how much the community was affected by homelessness from being completely disowned by their families.

This is something I personally cannot fathom.

I have two children and I can’t imagine kicking them out for being gay or trans or ANYTHING. So as a parent this just blows me away.

I think the fact that I have kids and have grown and experienced so much more since the first time I ever watched this show made me appreciate the greatness of Kasanoda and his storyline.

* Spoiler Alert *

Kasanoda is the son of a Crime Boss and expected to be a tough, scary, man. He ends up going to the host club because he wants to be taught by Mori on how to make friends and not scare everyone away with his mean face. It’s actually really sweet. He just wants to connect with others. During his course of his time with the host club he begins to feel an attraction to Haruhi. He is unaware of Haruhi’s true gender and thinks that she is a boy so he begins to feel like he’s attracted to a boy.


The thing that is so moving is that he doesn’t lash out at Haruhi. Do you know how many Gay men/boys are beaten up and even killed by another man because they are uncomfortable with the fact they are attracted to them. Kasnoda doesn’t do that with Haruhi. He’s confused about his feelings having never felt this way about a guy before which is totally understandable but he is doing his best to work through them.

Do to certain events he discovers that Haruhi is a girl. Instead of trying to change Haruhi into his idea of what a girl should be he 100% accepts her for who she is and accepts the fact that he is attracted to her as is. He even goes as far as to become one of her patrons at the host club. Which is a big deal because it leads everyone who doesn’t know Haruhi’s gender (i.e the entire school) to believe that he is gay.


Do you know how man people in the LGBTQ community are hated on because other “straight” people or whatever don’t want to be seen as gay, lesbian, trans, etc? So many! But even with people calling him gay Kasanoda doesn’t care or see that as a negative thing. He doesn’t care what other people are labeling him because he is comfortable in is own sexuality.

The last big thing I want to cover that just really gives Kasanoda the LGBTQ MVP Badge is the fact that he doesn’t out Haruhi. Even after he realizes that she doesn’t like him the way he likes her he doesn’t try to retaliate by outing her. He also doesn’t try to use her secret against her. He just accepts the fact that the feelings aren’t mutual and realizes that he would rather have her in his life as a friend then nothing at all.

So many people have their lives thrown into shambles because somebody outs then before they are ready. Or doesn’t accept them after they find out. Kasanoda’s reaction to Haruhi is so perfect. If more people acted like Kasanoda then the world would be a better place I am convinced!

I hope you all have a great Pride Month ❤ and if you are going through any hardships because of your identification with LGBTQ know that I’m always here to support you!

Rainbow Hearts for All!


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3 thoughts on “Happy Pride Month From Kasanoda

  1. I love it when he writes “Haruhi’s secret” on his other arm!

    I agree, I can’t believe people will kick out their kids or other loved ones just because they want to date someone of the same gender or are unhappy with their born external gender.


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