After School Affairs: Kiyonori Taishi

Fellow Otome Lovers ❤

Today’s Otome Monday brings you a route from Voltage Inc’s game After School Affairs. For a more indepth storyline/look at pricing please check out my first route review on Hidetaka Sera. I will provide a brief recap though here!

Basically an all girls school and an all boys school has recently merged. The girl students are known for their academics while the boy students are known for their athletics. Due to a locker room incident the school principal has decided that students are no longer able to date anyone and to lead by example neither are any of the teachers.

For the sake of playing through the game I’m going to ignore the fact that this is completely ridiculous and unenforcable and pretend that this could actually happen…

Moving on, the MC teaches English and since the administration wants to get the males students up to scratch they have decided to pair the teachers from the old school with the more educationally effective new school teachers. Of course all the teachers are hot and you are forbidden to fall in love.

Let the game begin!!

Kiyonori Taishi2

Kiyonori Taishi









I literally do not even know where to begin with this fool…

I have so many emotions with this route and ALL of them are negative as all Hell. I just want to say that it is only my love for all of you that I even finished this route. Seriously as I painstakenly played through I thought to myself, “Must go on so that my Grimms know how terrible this is and never make the wretched mistake of paying for this god awful route.”

Those were my literally thoughts.

Kiyonori Taishi is the schools history teacher and history is all he cares about. I don’t mean he enjoys teaching history, I mean he enjoys learning about history for himself. He is in fact a terrible teacher. He doesn’t even bother to learn his students names! I don’t understand how they are all getting good test marks because they spend his class period doing other homework. He is only interested in things he likes and doesn’t see the point of doing anything that would benefit others if there’s not something in it for him.

He’s selfish.

He’s also BORING! He just goes on and on and on about stuff and I have no idea what he’s eve talking about. I’m just clicking through trying to get to the end of his nonsense. At one point I was like, “Oh my GOD! I have to be getting close to the end of this stupid route.” It turned out I was only on the third chapter!

A part of me died right then and there.

So not only is he a wretched teacher but his interactions with the MC are god awful. I don’t even know how they can pretend she “falls” for him in this route. It was a travesty to witness. They try to make these (I’m guessing in their minds) adorable moments where the MC sees a new side of him and they are literally trash. Kiyonori’s teaching abilities are such rubbish that even when he does something mediocore the MC falls all over it like it’s the greatest thing in the world.

Literally at one point he tries to remember a students name (and gets it wrong by the way) and the MC is like, “Wow. He is really surprising me! It looks like he’s starting to try to get closure to his students. I’m so glad I get to see this side of him!” Or some moronic crap like that. At one point he literally plans a school field trip to see some historical location and then ditches the MC and the students to go without them.


I hate to give to much away but I have to rant about this next part because I’m so pissed about it. The MC and Kiyonori find out that one of the students is dating an older boy, oh and by older boy they mean he’s twenty…. That’s not an older boy that’s a freaking adult!!! That’s ILLEGAL! Moving on the MC decides they should keep it a secret because the student was dating him before the rule was enacted and she doesn’t feel right interferring.

Again this dude is twenty but whatever.

They later find out that this boyfriend is planning on tricking this girl into meeting him at a hotel, having his friends help him hold her down so he can strip her, then take pictures of her, and finally he’ll use the pictures to blackmail her for money.


It gets worse. When they find this out Kiyonori DOESN’T WANT TO HELP THE GIRL! He is literally okay with her walking into this trap. I almost set my tablet on fire at this point.

Things work out or whatever, then you get some ending with some stupid backstory for Kiyonori that’s supposed to justify his multitude of douchness and they are meh, and I’m still mad about this stupid route and Kiyonori is total trash.

The End.

Final Thoughts

If I could get my time back having spent on this route I would. Not to mention I actually had to pay money for this. Don’t be me Grimms, don’t spend money on this. I mean I don’t know there must be someone out there who enjoyed this route but it was certainly not me.

Godspeed to any of  you who try to go through with this route. Godspeed.

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