He had a way with words

they danced at his fingertips

pulling at your heart

ripping it out raw

or sometimes filling it with pride.

Maybe you were worthwhile?

Maybe you could be better…


But the words trailed off

plummeting beneath the water





Like a current uninhibited.

Whispering in the ears of those who would never speak.

Falling silent on those who would never hear.

But I heard them.

I touched them.

Dripping in rage at times

but beautiful in anguish.

I heard them softly spoken

but loudly felt.

And still…

I cling to them.

Hoping if I squeeze hard enough

the wisdom hidden by phrases and madness will trickle through.

Using each letter to build.

After the fires have burnt it all to ashes

after the water has nourished life

I will take his words

and they will dance at my fingertips.

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