Star Crossed Myth: Scorpio

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I hope your Monday has been lovely so far. If it happens maybe this wonderful Otome geared post will help you feel better! If you are already having a good day than this will surely only add to the wonderfullness. Yes I am aware that that isn’t really a real word… I stand by it!

It’s time to bring us all back to Star Crossed Myth! It has been awhile since I’ve talked about this game on GrimmGirl. So far we have done Leon’s Main Route and Teorus’ Main Route and Epilogue. As you can see from the fact I had to do Teorus’ Epilogue I think you can see who I enjoyed more between the two! With that said if you haven’t checked out my thoughts please feel free to give them a look!

If you are interested in pricing and all of that make sure to check out Leon’s Main Route because that’s where all of that information can be found. As a recap of what this game I will remind you that all of the gods for one reason or another have fallen from grace by committing a sin. The MC is a reborn goddess with the power to absolve them from their sin and send them back to the heavens. Of course just to add more drama remember it is forbidden for gods and humans to fall in love!

For today we will focus on Scorpio. If you remember correctly the gods from heaven our divided into the gods from The Department of Wishes and the gods from The Department of Punishments. Scorpio is our first god from The Department of Punishments! So this was certainly a change of pace!


Scorpio: A God of Unparalleled Callousness


Okay so his description doesn’t scream pick me, pick me! On top of that he’s also described as abrasive and cool. You all know me though I dig a tsundere character so I was all, “Heeeey Scorpio!” That’s just my bias coming out! Scorpio is basically the exact opposite of Leon in my opinion, which plays true to character when you think about it.

Leon is the head of his Department of Wishes while Scorpio is the head of his Department of Punishments. So it would make sense that they would be at opposite sides of the spectrum. For as much as I was unimpressed by Leon is how much I absolutely adored Scorpio!

Let me be honest the start with Scorpio is rough… That’s probably being to polite. It’s BRUTAL would be more true to form. Scorpio doesn’t dislike humans, he straight up loaths them. He considers them to be vile, dirty, and unworthy creatures. Literally the first time he touches the MC he feels compelled to was his hand. It’s important to notice he is wearing gloves…

Scorpio and the MC couldn’t be farther away from the idea of love in the beginning!

He is mean, rude, and entitled!  However he does have the respect of his department and is excellent at his job. On top of that he is incredible powerful. Which is saying quite a lot once your learn about where he comes from. Even though he starts out so mean it is so worth it to play him through!

The fact is how can a god who has such a disdain for humanity be in charge of handing out punishments? I mean it’s a bit scary when you think about it. Scorpio is not going to be a god of forgiveness and mercy. However to deal with humanity you have to be! I mean humans are far from perfect and they are going to make mistakes. Sure there are some rotten people out there but there are also people who just need another chance to make things right. Their are never going to get that chance with an unforgiving tyrant watching over them.

As you get to know Scorpio more though you can see how his beliefs about humanity were formed. I’m not going to give to much of his backstory away because it was such a surprise (good job Voltage) but I will point out this. If you had to see humans at the worst all of the time it would be pretty hard to form a good opinion about them. This issue isn’t helped by the fact that Scorpio can only feel negative emotions from humans. He is swimming in an ocean of awfulness. No wonder he thinks humans are so dirty and unworthy. He is never able to see or feel any of their good aspects and qualities.

Let’s just be real for a minute. Scorpio is totally HOT. Yes I am adding points based off of looks! There’s no shame in my game. 

Watching Scorpio grow as a person and begin to harbor feelings for the MC was such a good story! I really loved it. In the beginning I was like this guy is the worst! I just want the MC to punch him in the face and put him in his place!! By the end of his route though I’m screaming for more Scorpio! I also begin to find his rudeness a little endearing. Let me be clear there will be no sugary sweetness from this god and that is just the way I like it! For me it makes the moments where he is talking about how he feels with the MC seem more realistic and developed.

As for the MC she had her annoying moments. I’ll be honest during the Blessed End she was almost unbearable. Even though everything pointed to the fact Scorpio was in love with her we had to go through all of the stupid, “He doesn’t feel the same way about me so I have to be strong and not tell him how I feel…” Stupidity that a lot of MC characters exhibit at one point or another. Totally lame. But overall she wasn’t terrible so I was able to easily enjoy the game.

Once again playing through I ended up with the Forbidden Ending first time through. I guess I’m just drawn the the forbidden *stares off into the distance.

As always I made sure to get both endings to compare. I have to say they were both good but I would say I enjoyed the Forbidden Ending more. The MC’s behavior really ruined it for me with the Blessed Ending. Not saying that the Blessed wasn’t good but I had to deduct points for her cringeworthy behavior. And cringe I did Grimms… Cringe I did.

I cannot WAIT to play Scorpio’s other routes!!!! Especially since their relationship seems a bit in limbo at the end since they aren’t supposed to be together. So I’m wondering in the Epilogue if it will be about them trying to hide their relationship? Or trying to get permission? I don’t know but I smell drama and I’m along for the ride!

So if you like Tsundere characters with hearts of gold and killer backstories than Scorpio is the man for you!

See you all next Monday!



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