Hey Grimms,

As I mentioned before I will be adding short stories and poetry to GrimmGirl. Today I present to you a short story titled Insanity. Please enjoy ❤

How to Exist

Written by Kat Sade

Once Upon a Time…

There was a young woman who was tired. Sleep never came to her but dreams were aplenty. She dreamt for what sometimes felt like years. The reality sometimes blurred and she wasn’t sure who she was or what was true. Maybe her biggest problem was she thought that both of these things could exist or possible that neither was real. She was trapped. Trapped in-between her dreams and nightmares unable to tell the difference between the two.


What a strange word.

“The state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.”

“Extreme foolishness or irrationality.”


A person, place, or thing. 

So does that mean insanity is a person? A place? Or a thing. It’s not a verb. It’s not something you do. It is a noun. 

“Your going Insane.”

She used to hear this whispered in her dreams and shouted in her realities. Or maybe it was the other way around…

“Where is Insane? When will I get there?”

The Shadows were always moving but they never spoke. Would they have the answers to her questions?

“You are looking at the face of Insanity.”

What did that face look like? Had she seen it before? In the mirror perhaps or just beyond the flicker of her eye… Was it her? Was she Insane?

“That looks Insane.”

And there.

There it was, wasn’t it creeping towards her? Bending and cracking like a broken puppet. Moving across the floor as a spider darts for it’s latest victim. Reaching towards her with the grasping tendrils of an ivy that just wants a little more sun.




Did she lose her mind? Was it taken? Or did she never have it to begin with?

Once Upon a Time…

There was a young woman who was tired.

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    compatibility issues. When I look at your blog
    in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.

    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, excellent blog!

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    1. Thanks for the love! I admit I’m not super techy so I’ll see if one of my friends can help me out on the internet explorer side 🙂 thanks for letting me know!


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