Cosplay Decisions…

Hey Grimms!

I just realized that my first con is VERY quickly approaching. Good thing I finally made a decision on what I will be doing. Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful in support and advice. I have decided to go with a Usagi Tsukino cosplay!

I adore Sailor Moon! Obviously that is a very popular choice to go with so I’m hoping to bring a little bit of my own flair to it. My goal is to do two versions of Usagi. A preppy version and a punk version. I think that will be so much fun, not to mention it gives me a chance to play with different makeup styles. If you have been following my Ko-fi and Patreon pages than you have already seen some of my makeup test runs for this cosplay.

usagi gif2
Don’t expect to see me rocking a school uniform yet. This cosplay is all about Usagi’s streetwear ❤

I also took a lot of your advice with trying to come up with a cosplay that would be easier to find portion of it in resale stores or in my own closet. Doing this streetwear style means I kind find and borrow things instead of having to buy a full costume. With the punk version I don’t even have to look past my own closet! I will have to search around for my preppy version though but I might be able to power some items from a few friends.

Really the only thing I will have to worry about buying is a wig and blue contacts. I need to get on it when it comes to getting those two things. I’m excited to bring you reviews on my experience obtaining and using these items. I’ve never worn contacts before so this will be an interesting. I hope I can put them on easily… Although I have a feeling it will be worse than putting on false lashes.

Wish me luck Grimms!

Can’t wait to post more on my progress. Don’t forget to check out my makeup looks on my Ko-fi and Patreon. So far I’ve been working on my Preppy Usagi Tsukino ❤

Check you all later!

8 thoughts on “Cosplay Decisions…

    1. I’m so excited! I think I found my wig so hopefully I can order it this week and post some pictures ❤ Also my mom just called me and a local store is going out of business (sad) but everything is 50% off so I might be able to find some preppy stuff!


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