Sleep and Dream

Hey Grimms,

Interesting snippet of my life but I use to write quite frequently. I rarely show people my work though. Writing is incredible personal and it really feels like you are putting yourself out there. It feels like a completely exposed nerve…

However I have been inspired by Cathy Tea and KimchiSama to just take the plunge and at least get some of my writings out there. Expect to see poetry and short stories gracing this site periodically starting today. Thank you again to Cathy Tea and KimchiSama for inspiring me to go for it ❤

Sleep and Dream

Dream of white castles where life begins

of shadows that are always there but never speak

of broken and lost teeth forever changing.

Sleep and Dream

of Giants that are just waking

of Owls that seem wise but will trick you if you stay

of always Trapped but always Moving.

Sleep and Dream…

For the Universe is Stirring

-Kat Sade

There you have it. GrimmGirl’s first poetry post ever. I hope you enjoyed it ❤ Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts!

10 thoughts on “Sleep and Dream

  1. Oh , I’m so glad you’re sharing your poems and stories ! I really like this poem ! The last line is so memorable to me.

    It is scary to put the writing out there. I especially feel that way when I’m sharing things that are experimental or personally risky !

    I’m super happy to cheer you on !

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