Style Wish List: May 2018

Hello my little Grimms ❤

New month means new wish list! Oh, but to dream. Am I right? FINALLY winter seems to be leaving us in my neck of the wood so with this change in weather I’m hoping to be able to bring some new pieces to the wardrobe. On top of the nicer weather I’m also in this weird place where my clothes before baby don’t really fit but my maternity clothes are much to big! So I’m in a weird transitional space. Basically I need clothes that will transition with me.

Mad Hippie Face Cream

Blame it on the breastfeeding. My skin is becoming incredible dry by the minute. Seriously you have no idea how much breastfeeding just sucks the hydration right out of you. I honestly feel like I am drinking water by the gallon to no avail. Sigh my poor skin is just dying of nourishment. I hope that I can find a moisturizer that can combat that.

Beach Boho Maxi Dress by Kismet Collections

I love a good maxi dress and I literally just discovered Kismet! I’d love to try out some of their clothing. This is a self tie dress which means I can loosen and tighten it depending on where my body is at in the moment. I’m a big fan of that!

The only question is which color would I get? I tell you which color I WON’T get. No Mother of two small children would ever choose an all white dress.

Zero Liquid Lipstick by Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sadness Grimms 😦

I’m officially OUT of my black lipstick!!!!!!!! You guys I can’t live this way. So replacing it is priority number one. Normally I get my black lipstick from Jeffree Star but I’ve been itching to try out Sugarpill’s black lipstick version. I just know it is going to be amazing.

Eden/Envy Flats by SeaBass UK

When we moved I did some serious purging and now I realize I only have one pair of flats. This is just craziness. I need my flats. These shoes have been speaking to me. I love the use of color and the boldness feels like it will add style to whatever I’m wearing. They just streamline outfits so that you can wear things that are pretty casual but this shoe helps to elevate it and make you look more put together. As a very busy mom on the go this is a necessity.

I’ve also never ordered from here before and I’m always up to reviewing new stores for GrimmGirl.

Intense Ink Eyeliner by e.l.f

Ever since I had to kick NYX to the curbside (it’s parent company still tests on animals) I have been looking for another makeup brand in the same price bracket. Word on the street is that e.l.f fits the bill. I’m in desperate need of eyeliner so it looks like I can I have my cake and eat it too by getting my next eyeliner through e.l.f.

So there you have it Grimms. All the wonderful items I would love to get during this month. What about you? What are you dying to get your hands on this month? Also anything from this list you’re particularly pumped to see me review? Let me know in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Style Wish List: May 2018

    1. It’s true!!!! Even before I had kids that dress would’ve been tempting fate. I’m torn between the blue one shown or the coral color they have. I don’t have a lot of bright clothing like that so it could be a nice change of pace.

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