GrimmGirl Ranks the Men of Liar! Uncover the Truth

Hey Grimms!

After I finish a game I like to go back and rank the characters and give my opinion on who I enjoyed most and least. I have to admit with this game it’s more about who I hated the most. This game had some real creepers! I will be ranking from least to most favorite. This ranking is SPOILER HEAVY so if you haven’t played the game yet and want a spoiler free experience than please do not read any further. In fact why don’t you read my first post Liar! Uncover the Truth- The Mama’s Boy to get a feel for the game. It is spoiler free so have fun!

For everyone else please enjoy.

Ten… Toya Kashi

Liar Rank8
We meet again Crazy Eyes.

Ugh! Totally my least favorite of all. This man is the stuff of nightmares * insert intense shudder * The game tries to spin him as a man with anger issues but don’t be fooled. This man is a straight up ABUSER! Can you think of anything more terrifying? Toya is hands down my least favorite because this is something that not only can happen but has a high chance of happening. I wish it wasn’t true but abusive relationships are way to common. Just like with this one the abuser starts out seemingly kind. They are master manipulators and have a way of making everyone around them feel like they are amazing people except for the person they are abusing. This makes it hard to get out of the relationship because nobody believes you when you say it is happening.

Much like in real life Toya Kashi seems like an all around amazing person. He’s a professional and wildly successful patisserie, good looking, and seemingly very sweet. There is a darkside and luckily the MC is able to see and recognize the warning signs. Far from being sweet he is manipulative, jealous, controlling and mostly a time bomb ticking. I don’t want NONE of that! In a game or real life. Keep the abusive people away from me.

Nine…Joe Yazawa

Liar Rank5
I honestly never liked you. I could smell the criminal intent.

Okay this dood was a freak and a half.

He literally KIDNAPS the MC to turn her into a doll of his favorite idol. This is a goddamn Criminal Minds episode! The only reason Joe ranks lower than Toya is because I feel like the Toya’s in the world are more common to run into. Joe is a special type of crazy that is I feel I’m a bit less likely to run into. That being said is is bad news bears for sure. I am not about to get down with some guy who only likes me because I resemble some idol. I’m going to run like HELL if that guy also wants to turn me into a living doll.

Out Sauce.

Eight… Keima Katagiri

Liar Rank4
You could’ve been a keeper… Sigh.

Addiction can make you do crazy things… Just ask this man.

The MC knew him from her college days so you would think she’d be able to trust him but nope! He’s a complete gambling addict with a serious amount of debt. Oh bonus, guess who he wants to foot the bill? That’s right… The MC. Once again we have a scenario that could (and does) happen. Addiction as a powerful thing and can make you do things that you normally wouldn’t do and hurt people in the process.

Case in point Keima trying to take out a massive loan in the MC’s name and when that backfires trying to get the loan sharks to take her instead. Hello, human trafficking is that you I hear? The only reason he ranks higher than Joe the Kidnapper is that given proper help Keima could change his life around. I can’t make the same claim for Joe Joe up there. Either way Keima is one of the last people I’d want to date in real life. Call me when you get your life together pal.

Seven… Kunio Muroi

Liar Rank9
I swear on all that is Holy I will slap that smirk RIGHT off your face Kunio!

What an ass hat.

Kunio was married with a child and his whole purpose of dating was to find a side piece to sleep around with. Not because he was unhappy in his marriage or some sob story like that but because he knew he could get away with it. He sees women as simple a means to an end with his orgasm as the end game. Yeah I said it! The guy is just looking for women to have sex with to pump up his own ego. What a trash heap.

On top of everything he never gets his karma! He just makes up with his wife and a few days later is back to trolling for booty. GAH! He’s the worst. However at the end of the day he doesn’t physically put the MC’s life endanger like these other yahoos so he gets to keep his seventh spot. But between you and I Grimms if EVER anyone tried to pull this bullshit with me I just couldn’t be held responsible for my actions.

Six… Shuto Matsuki

Liar Rank10
We need to get you therapy yesterday and then maybe you have a shot.





Sorry you will all have to forgive me. I was trying to repress the image of Shuto’s Mother getting out of the bathtub. It was a no go though. It seems that image is forever etched into my membrane. Look Shuto’s very unhealthy and much to close relationship with his mother was cringe-worthy at best and absolutely run for the hills at worst. However I do feel for the man because it isn’t his fault. His mother has caused some serious psychological damage and we don’t choose our parents. All I can hope for Shuto is that someday he finds the right woman… and psychologist that can help him to navigate through all of his trauma.

At his core Shuto is a really good person. Unlike some of these other heathens he never tries to hurt the MC, kidnap, steal her money, or lie to her. In fact he is pretty up front about his mommy issues. This doesn’t make them any less disturbing but does show that he was never trying to intentionally mess with the MC. Once again he’s not my ideal but I’d take this over being a living doll…

Five…Azusa Kurono

Liar Rank3

I’m about have a Tyra Banks moment here * breathe *

But damnit Azusa! Why’d you have to be such a disappointment in life? This is totally the type of guy I could go for. On the outside at least. A cool graphic designer with great style and fun personality. Sign me up. To bad he uses his good traits for evil. This little twerp is the master of the Sweetheart Scam. He gets women to fall in love with him then feeds them some sob story and because they care about him they willingly give him money.


People who pray on people’s emotions like that are wretched. However he’s not technically doing anything illegal. However just because it isn’t illegal doesn’t mean it isn’t shady as ALL fuck. It’s totally shady and I’m sorry to use people like this makes you a pretty terrible human being. This man makes it into the top five but ONLY because I was also dealing with freaking abusers and what not before him. I 100% have no time for people like this.

Four…. Sotaro Shiga

Liar Rank2
You little turd.

Dood had a chance… Dood had a chance.

But he blew it. Now look I have nothing against someone who is divorced. Hell Shotaro has been divorced twice at this point and still I’m not holding that against him either. However what I will hold against him is the fact that he views his wives as free labor. He didn’t end up divorced because they fell out of love or something like that. They divorced because he acted like he wanted a marriage when what he really wanted was a maid/cook who would put his needs above theirs without having to pay them.

Seriously you’re a doctor. HIRE A MAID AND COOK AND JUST BE SINGLE.

If you don’t find enjoyment in an actual relationship that is fine. You don’t have to date or be with someone if you don’t want to. Don’t try to start a relationship if that’s not what you want. Sotaro wants a marriage to keep up appearances and to have someone to boss around. It’s ridiculous and I don’t care how good looking he is. I will not have it!

Three… Kazumi Kagami

Liar Rank7
Sniff, sniff… You deserve the world Kazumi ❤

Oh be still my heart!

I still feel horrible for all of the things I originally thought about you in the beginning. I was for sure you were a drug addict please forgive me! Boy was my foot in my mouth when I found out that the real deal was that Kazumi was dying. It was so heartbreaking. He was truly a great person but would never be able to give the MC the life she wanted. Kids, growing old together, those things just aren’t in the cards for Kazumi. Not because he doesn’t want them but because he will die.

Kazumi deserves love. He deserves it but finding it at this point will be so hard. Could you imagine falling in love with someone who would be gone within a few months? This is a Nicholas Sparks story if I’ve ever come across one. All I have to say is that Kazumi beats the pants off of all of these jerk wads. I truly wish he wasn’t dying… Why couldn’t it have been Kunio?

Two… Itaru Yuikawa

Liar Rank6
Prince Charming just hit the scene.

Honestly this man was a pear among swine. Is that the saying? Anyway he’s a good egg. He’s not a liar, cheat, or any other horrible thing he’s just (as cliche as it sounds) a man looking for love. Also their love story is quite adorable in the end. If you remember the MC originally went to that little speed dating site because her mother was threatening to introduce her to a guy. The MC was convinced her mother would set her up with someone lame so she told her she was seeing someone and then realized she needed to make good on that claim before her mother came to visit. Since she was insisting on meeting the wonderful man.

Itaru Yuikawa was and is a great match for the MC. They share similar interests and he has stuck through a bunch of crazy things. I mean when you get down to it he was pretty serious about her from the get go. He wasn’t dating around like she was to be perfectly honest. Even knowing that she was seeing a bunch of different people he still kept trying to make things work with her. He also did come to find her when Joe kidnapped her. I mean she really should have called the police but I am impressed he went to look for her.

I am so glad she ended up with him! So why didn’t Itaru make number one? Well, because of….

One… Haruichi Mamiya

Liar Rank1
*Beyonce Destiny Child Era Singing Voice* Boy you can get it.

Sorry, not sorry!

Haruichi combines all of my otome favorites in one delectable man! He’s smexy, megane, and I dig his personality. Sure he’s part of the Yakuza but that just adds to his mysterious appeal! Obviously in real life I’m not going to marry some bloke from the Japanese mafia and I completely agree that the MC ending up with Itaru was perfection but this is a fantasy and in Fantasy Land Haruichi can GET. IT


He’s got this way about him. At some point I plan on getting the rest of his routes just to see how their relationship pans out. I loved his personality in the game. I of course didn’t agree with him lying to the MC about what his family (and by extension he) did but I do understand that telling someone you’re a major player for the Yakuza isn’t necessarily something you want to bring up on a first date. I have no doubt in my mind though that he fully planned on eventually telling her. He just wanted to make sure that they were serious first. Yeah… That’s it.

Well there you have it Grimms! I have ranked all ten of the infamous lads from Liar! Uncover the Truth and in the end Haruichi Mamiya won out. I make zero apologizes for my taste in otome men. A girl has to live a bit you know what I mean?

What about you? Who’s your favorite? Who’s your least favorite?

Inquiring minds need to know!

I do not own these images

4 thoughts on “GrimmGirl Ranks the Men of Liar! Uncover the Truth

  1. Haha this is a very good list! i was speaking to someone else about Liar rankings a while ago, the list is pretty similar to mine though I think mine had Shuto and Toya swapped around. Shuto was at the bottom for me, just because I found nothing I liked about him, he’s the least good looking guy in my opinion lol, and I was so relieved to see he was gone from the story after a nauseating proposal. None of his endings were satisfying! But you make a good point, his mum is a huge enabler and what turned into good intentions to protect her turned inappropriate, most likely due to her fault. He’s probably not really a bad kid after all…

    Toya ranked a little higher only because I found his ending satisfying and to see him screaming insults to Itaru and getting beaten up by him made me laugh way too much. His scumbag ending is perhaps my absolute favourite of all the Liar endings. But as an individual, yeah, I agree he’s actually the most vile of all the Liars and the last person I’d want to bump into.

    Itaru will always be my number 1 and I’m so glad he turned out to be Mr Right! But Haruichi is a very good choice and he’s in my top three!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad Toya had the ending he had! Justice!!!! In the end I just ended up feeling sorry for Shuto. We don’t choose our parents but they do have a huge influence on us. Who knows what he would’ve been like had go l he been raised differently. And at lest there’s still a chance for him given many years of therapy!

      I think atraction wise Joe was my last favorite. Kind of like you with Shuto there is nothing about him that really captures me. I was kind of glad when he was revealed as a liar!


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