OWLS: The Melody of Heartstrings

Hello Grimms!

Have you all noticed that I’ve been missing from OWLS these past few tours? Well that time has ended! I’m back this month and I couldn’t be happier. This month’s tour was suggested by Shokomoka so if you have been enjoying it so far make sure to send thanks that way!

April’s theme is Melody and the prompt was written once again by the lovely Lyn:

“In one way, music is a form of healing and self-expression. For this month’s topic, we will be exploring some of our favorite musical pieces (anime/drama OSTs, movie soundtracks, music genres and etc.) and how it has impacted our lives and/or reasons why we enjoy listening to it.”

Just before me on the tour was Marina and she gave us an insight into how music influences and pushes her writing. I hope you all get a chance to check that out!

For my take on Melody and how it has influenced me or why I enjoy it I would like to draw your attention to the kdrama Heartstrings.

“Love songs do not have to be ‘lovely’. Love is love, hate is love, heartbreak is love. You’re sad because you’re in love, it hurts because you are in love.” -Heartstrings

I know it might sound cheesy but for me music is life. I can sit for hours listening to music and I don’t mean like I listen to it while I’m doing something else, I mean I like to just sit and listen to music. I have albums that I have listened to on repeat for weeks because they just resonated with me. To this day every time I listen to them I feel like I figure out something different. I feel like music is the universal language. It connects people.

Heartstrings is my favorite kdrama ever and it’s not just because of the love story. Although since we are on the subject it is a great story ❤

Moving on though what really connects me to this show is the love each of the characters have for their art/music. It doesn’t matter if they are singing, playing, dancing, listening, or writing the music becomes their soul. These characters each have different backgrounds and histories but the music continues to thread them together overlapping their paths and shaping them as people.

Some people may think that their reactions to their craft is dramatic but I completely get it. The thought of not having music in my life? I can’t even wrap my head around the concept. For me music has been such a driving force in my life. I was that kid in high school where it was music that was helping me just to get through the day. In some ways I’m STILL that kid. It doesn’t matter the emotion that I’m going through it is music that helps me to process it.

I connected with the characters of this drama because I feel like they process their emotions through music as well. I will never forget the first time I saw Lee Gyu Won (Park Shin Hye) singing, “I Will Forget You” for her audition but at the same time using the song to admit the fact that while she loved Lee Shin she understood he didn’t feel the same way and even though it hurt she was ready to let go.


Even without a translation I felt what she was going through. I connected with her pain. I feel like that’s the (again I know cheesy sounding) power of music. This ability to make you feel something regardless of language. Regardless of EVERYTHING. People for all different walks of life can enjoy the same song, can bond over it.

That’s another thing I like about Heartstrings it honestly is the music that brings all of these different characters together. Without the music they probably never would have crossed paths. How different each of their lives would’ve been then!

I think that gives us all something to consider as well. Think of all of the people you have meet just because of a song you both enjoyed. Think of all of the conversations that have been sparked because of a song. Think of the memories a single song can spark for you!

The above quote really strikes a chord (pun intended) because of how truthful it is. There are no rules when it comes to music. People can debate all day about what is “good” music but the truth is that there just music! Either you connect with a song or you don’t. Just because you do doesn’t mean everyone else with and just because you don’t doesn’t mean everyone else won’t. People can also debate all day about what a song means but the truth is that once a song is out there it is up for interpretation by everyone. The same song can mean something different for every person.

It’s for this reason that music can connect us though! Because music isn’t logical. Love isn’t logical. It’s just a feeling of connection and once it’s there there is no ignoring it.

Owls Heartstrings

For me music is about connection. I can’t wait to hear what music means to you. I also can’t wait to see what my other OWLS members say throughout this tour. If you are as curious as me you better check out the next member on the tour Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews.

8 thoughts on “OWLS: The Melody of Heartstrings

  1. Hey, I’ve been meaning to thank you for sharing your love of GOT7 and “Just Right.” You got me into that group just in time for all the wonderfulness of their Eyes on You promo . It’s been such a treat to get to know these artists ! Classical music has been a huge part of my daily life for… well, all my life. And it’s fun to add pop music back know into the mix, especially with such an amazing band . Thank you for turning me onto them !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I’m so excited to hear this! It’s exactly why I started this 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I use to play Got7 for my third graders during their work time lol. I like classical music to ❤ I think the violin is one of the prettiest sounding instruments ever!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh, Heartstrings. I completely forget about this KDrama, but I remember enjoying it some years ago. I loved the inclusion of traditional music, as well. Your post also reminds me of another Kdrama about music, Dream High, which I also loved.

    Liked by 1 person

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