Liar! Uncover the Truth: The Good Guy

We finally did it Grimms!

After all of the liars and hardships we finally find out who the MC’s true dood is. Sorry once again it has taken me so long to finish this. I seriously thought I had already written these posts.

My bad.

If you haven’t played this game yet please start at the beginning with Liar Uncover the Truth: The Mama’s Boy and go from there. I try to write these articles as spoiler free as possible so please enjoy. With that said this post will be as spoilery as it gets. I’m going to reveal who the MC ends up with! So if you do not want that ruined for you I suggest you check out some of my other wonderful otome posts. Perhaps I can interest you in reading my post After School Affairs: Kenzo Yasukawa?

You have officially been warned. Going on any further will bring you to the big reveal in…
















Itaru Yuikawa

8th Liar

Finally we know who the MC is meant to be with and I have to say the way the set everything up is pretty adorable. Talk about fate. Remember in the beginning why the MC decides to go to the Matchmaking party to begin with? Sure she just broke up with her no good cheating boyfriend and wanted to get back on the horse so to speak but the real prompting was the threat of being set up with some guy her mom had picked out.

The MC was convinced that any man her mom liked would surely be a country bumpkin. Turns out her mother has much better taste then she gave her credit for. That man she was planning to introduce her too? It turns out to be Itaru!

Isn’t that pretty cute? I have to give Voltage credit where credit belongs that was a sweet way to end things and tied things up nicely. Gave their being together a real destiny sort of feeling to it. Almost magical if you will. After all of those guys I feel like we were all due for a little magic. Not all of them were 100% terrible (remember when she thought one of her dates was a drug addict but it turned out he was dying from an illness?) but we suffered some truly horrific things in pursuit of the MC’s soulmate. Don’t thank for a second I’ve forgotten about Mr. Anger Management or as I like to think of him Future Domestic Abuser.

Itaru makes up for all of the hardships by being an all around good guy. He’s not trying to exploit the MC, he’s just trying to be there for her. Really makes you appreciate what’s important in a relationship am I right? With that said there is more to meets the eye with Itaru but I can’t spoil everything can I? Nope you’ll have to play the Lover’s Route to learn more because you won’t get anything else out of me! Let’s just say Voltage does an excellent job of keeping you at the edge of your seat for duration of the game.

Final Thoughts

Liar! Uncover the Truth was a really fun game to play through. Obviously the men going through until the end were wretched but that’s what made it kind of fun. It was cool to solve the mystery of who each of these men really were. The MC also wasn’t terrible. I mean I think she’s got a bit of a double standard to be sure and her expectations are a bit off. I mean come on I think it’s a little douchey of her to expect whoever she is to make a ridiculous amount of money especially when she doesn’t even make that much. Also it never sat right with me that she was so dismissive of her Mom setting her up because she was convinced it would be some country guy. Ah… Hello. You are from the country.

With that said I have played a lot of otome games in my time and have dealt with way worse in the MC department. In general the MC is pretty cool and can be funny sometimes as well. Sure she still makes some bad choices, remember when she got kidnapped and didn’t call the police?! But all in all she does pretty good. I’ve had some MCs that are so terrible I can barely make it through the game. I wouldn’t put her in that category.

Once again I hope you have enjoyed the ride. I will be ranking the men of this game in my next post so get ready for a fun ride next week. 


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