Five LOVES of the Anime Community

Hey Grimms,

Recently I had to have a bit of a ranting moment with my post Five Anime Community Pet Peeves. I regret nothing I said BUT I felt like I had to balance out things by letting everyone know about the things I love in this community. The truth is I encounter more things I enjoy with this community then things I don’t like. Which is exactly why I continue to blog. There are many things I love in this community but I thought I should narrow it down to five otherwise this post would be 100 pages long!

love anime1

Number One: A Place to Belong

The reason I originally started GrimmGirl was to connect with other people who enjoyed anime/manga. I actually don’t have a lot of people in my life who are really into it. At least not as much as I am. I have family members who watch it occasionally and enjoy it but I’m watching and reading manga all the time. So whenever I want to talk about a show chances are nobody has actually seen it. It is so nice to have people to talk to that share my interests. It really does make me feel like I have a place I belong.

anime love4

Number Two: Friendships

This piggybacks off my pervious statement but I have made so many friends by being part of the anime community. We may not see each other in our day to day lives but I have no doubt that our friendships are strong. Not only do we talk about anime and things like that anytime I have needed support the friends I have made through this community have been there. From discussing my struggles with depression/anxiety to the birth of my child the friends I have made here have been there. I think that is beautiful and cannot express how grateful I am. I love talking with the friends I’ve made here in the community and supporting their endevours. It’s a blast.

Number Three: Different Perspectives

The wonderful thing about the anime community is that it brings in some many different types of people from different walks of life. I have meet people of different countries, religions, sexual orientations, gender identifications, cultures, races, and anything else you could think of. These experiences and encounters have shaped me as a person because I have been able to learn about life through a different perspective. I have been able to use anime to discuss topics that I may not have ever discussed openly. From rape culture to anime to the lack of accurate representation of mental illness in anime.

Having all of these different conversations with people from different walks of life helps me to see things from a different perspective. For example it wasn’t until I started talking with gay men in the community that I started questioning the rape culture in yaoi. It seems like a no brainer now but I swear at first it wasn’t something I acknowledged. I think that being to see something from another person’s point of view is really helpful for personal growth. I love that this community has given me the space to do that.

anime love3

Number Four: Exposure 

One of the many benefits of getting to know people in the community is you are exposed to different shows you might not have checked out otherwise. There is so much anime and manga out there it’s easy to get lost. If you are anything like me your list of anime to watch or manga to read is ever growing. Things do tend to move up on the list when you have a solid recommendations from a friend.  For example I only started to watch My Hero Academia because Pokeninja90 enjoyed it so much. I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. Thank heavens she convinced me because it such an enjoyable show. If you haven’t checked it out make sure to read my post My Hero Academia S1: You Have Surprised Me

Number Five: Support

My last one is just about the general support I find within the community. I rarely find toxicity here. Sure every once in awhile someone shows up that is pretty douchey but the majority of times I have really great experiences. I love the support in the anime community. I feel like we are all doing what we can to build each other up. From sharing/commenting on each others posts, to using each others affiliate links to buy products, checking out each others patreon/ko-fi accounts, or going to each other’s Etsy stores. Anyway that we can help support each other we do it!

That is so cool. Honestly in this world there are certainly people who make it their business to bring people down. Entire platforms have been destroyed because of this. I am so happy to say I have yet to encounter that here in the anime community. Everyone I have met and become friends with have truly wanted to support other members of the community in order to make the anime community better. Their not trying to tear other members down. I can’t count the number of time I’ve jumped on Twitter for instance and seen one of my friends tweet that they have (for example) hit a milestone for subscribers and below you just see a string of congratulation tweets from members of the community.


Having this much support is just incredible! I love this community so much ❤

anime love2

Well Grimms above were just a few of the reasons I love this community. What about you? Any reason on the list really resonate with you? Also make sure to comment below with reasons you love this community!

See you next time Grimms


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13 thoughts on “Five LOVES of the Anime Community

  1. I love a good dose of positivity – particularly on a bad day. This is a fantastic post. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    I cherish each and every one of these points, particularly number one because I have only one or two friends outside of the WordPress community that I feel I can openly discuss anime with. I have none in real life and most of my online friends outside of the community don’t really like anime. Being very socially anxious, I don’t like to bring it up because there tends to be a stigma around it (It’s amazing how many people flippantly throw out the word ‘Weeaboo’)

    The anime community at large is one of the most accepting and kind communities I’ve ever seen. I was always so afraid to start my blog because I was worried I’d get flamed for my opinions or seem like I was stupid for not ‘getting’ something about a show correctly, but while there have been people who have corrected me or offered contrasting opinions, they are always very kind about it. And they’re very articulate in why this or that is wrong or why they have this opinion or another. It’s quite refreshing. I’ve rarely ever get to enjoy enjoy discussions on that level.

    The worst comment I ever got was actually a reply on Tumblr (because I set my blog posts to be linked to Twitter and Tumblr) and someone sent me a very rude reply saying I got stuff wrong about a character and that my view on the show was wrong, but even then 1) That was Tumblr….so of course and 2) the review in question was of a western cartoon.

    I love our community, and I hope it continues to grow and thrive in the future. ❤

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    1. I really relate to this! I feel the same way I get a bit anxious talking to people about things I enjoy so being in the community is so relaxing! It pumps me up watching more and more people getting into anime. I’m like yes! Come join us 💜 I also feel luck that this community is so chill. I’ve seen a lot of toxic online communities so I’m glad this isn’t one of them.

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