YouTube MUA: Michelle Phan

Hey Grimms,

It’s that magical time where I give you the lowdown on a YouTuber Make Up Artist that I’ve been digging. This month I want to talk about Michelle Phan. Now technically she’s out of the game but she graciously has left all of her YouTube videos up for everyone to still watch. Which I am so grateful for! Fun fact Michelle Phan was (I’m pretty sure) the first makeup artist I watched on YouTube. I basically learned makeup from her. My mom was never a big makeup person so watching videos was my way to learn.

So here are three reasons you should also check her out if you haven’t already.

Number One: Soothing Voice and Well Paced Videos

Michelle Phan has an extremely soothing voice! I just love it. That combined with her well paced videos makes her perfect for beginners. It may sound silly but I swear some MUA’s on YouTube make me so stressed when I’m learning a new technique! They go to fast or I can’t hear exactly what they’re saying. Waaah! It makes me so stressed when I’m trying to learn something new. I think this is why I gravitated to her in the first place. Like I said above I learned everything I know about makeup through trail and error and makeup videos. She has always had this this calm, soothing demenure. Check out her very first video.

Number Two: Straight Up Interesting

Michelle Phan has some of they most interesting videos as far as beauty/makeup is concerned in my opinion. For instance how many of you would think of making a video using a bandaid as a stencil for nail art? Freaking brilliant! I love her little life hacks and what not she has going on, on her channel.

Number Three: She Brings The Skincare

Doing makeup frequently is not great on the skin. Making sure you are taking care of your skin is important for everyone but especially when you are constantly caking on makeup like me. I love that Michelle has all of these different types of skin masks you can use for your face and their all pretty fun using items you will have around the house. Examples like asiprin, honey, and in this video’s case WINE! Okay depending on your age you might not have that at your house but I do and this mask looks pretty fun! I forgot she had this one until now so I want to try it. Wish me luck.

Well there you have it Grimms ❤ I hope you find the time in your day to check out some of her work! Any YouTube MUA people you think I should check out before next month? Let me know in the comment section below.

I do not own these images/videos

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