Liar Uncover the Truth: The Divorcee

Wow Grimms…

I’m a little embarrassed to say this but I honestly thought I wrote this post! It wasn’t until today that I realized I never wrote anything for the last liar! So first off please forgive me for my failings. Second off please remember that I try to make these posts as spoiler free as possible but if you follow along closely enough with each person that is taken from the list of possible suspects you could figure out which liar is which. So if you don’t want to know who is who than I suggest you don’t whip out your investigative skills.

In this route we try to figure out who the married man is. Now on principle I have zero problems with someone getting divorced and hitting the dating scene. With that said I think they should be very straight-forward about the fact that they were previously married. That shouldn’t be hidden or a shock to find out about. If you are hiding it, it leads me to to believe that you did something wrong. It is one thing to get a divorce because the two of you fell out of love, it’s a completely different situation if you got a divorce because you cheated, or were mentally/physically abusive, or had an insane gambling problem!

Or who knows what! My point is if you are hiding it from whoever you are dating it makes me think that you must have done something pretty bad to require a divorce. Obviously my mind is going to go to worse case scenario. If you have had multiple divorces I’m not going to lie if I’m looking for marriage I might consider very carefully if you are the one for me. Not that we don’t all make mistakes but I am going to wonder if maybe you are the type of person who rushes into these big decisions without thinking things through. So I admit I’d be more cautious.

With that said if you plan on proposing something marriage you should be very straightforward with that person and that means letting them know you have been divorced. It’s just common decency people. Unless you have a really good reason for not divulging that information. Perhaps you married into the mob and are now in witness protection program.

Unfortunately for our heroine MC that isn’t the case. Her potential lover is simply lying about his previous marriages to be jerk. This particular guy doesn’t see marriage as two people bonded in love. He doesn’t have time for that mushy gushy stuff. What he needs is a centerpiece. Someone who looks good and takes care of the things he needs. You know cooking, cleaning, menial tasks, and above all puts his need and career first. Doesn’t sound like a happily ever after to me and certainly explains his previous divorces. I mean who wants to be tied to a marriage like that?

Nobody that’s who.

So who’s the rogue tricking women into marriage and then turning them into Stepford Slaves? The choice is between these two.

Shotoro Shiga

8th Liar3

Doctor extraordinary or a divorcee in disguise?! I would like to think a doctor who is dealing with the well being of others wouldn’t be the type to hide things from their potential wife or treat their wife as a stepping stool to further his standing in society. That being said I’m sure as a top notch doctor in the medical world it may be an expectation that you would get married and have a family. If that isn’t something you really care about but you do want to look good in your superiors eyes than a rushed marriage might be something you’d turn too. I can’t help but remind everyone that Shotoro has already proposed to the MC and they barely know each other to be honest!

Itaru Yuikawa


He seems pretty perfect and any odd thing that has popped up about him he’s been able to sweetly explain away… But someone who has made it a habit of marrying and remarrying would be pretty good at playing the game! Not only is that suspicious but what is the deal with the rivalry between him and Shotoro?! Did Itaru divorce Shotoro’s sister perhaps? Or maybe they use to be childhood friends but then Shotoro saw the way Itaru was treating his wives and lost respect for him? The possibilities are endless and there’s only one way to find out…

You gotta play the game.

A Few Thoughts

This is the final liar route before we find out who the MC’s true man is and of course Voltage couldn’t let things end without pulling out all the stops. Not only is there the love triangle/rivalry to power through but now there seems to be a new woman on the horizon?! What is this nonsense?! I am barely able to get through the scenes with the MC’s work frenemy. I honestly thought she was the devil. Then this woman came onto the scene. Apparently she knows both of these men and has made it her mission to stomp on anyone who wants to get close to them. She is a diva of misinformation and underhanded quips.

Good luck with her. You’ll need it.

I have to say I was bummed to see this one go but as I went through the route I could see it coming. I’m not sure if you will be able to call it out… You might just be in denial about it. Why or why couldn’t this person just have been divorced for normal reasons? Not because they were and insensitive jerk off. I’m sorry but anyone who sees marriage as a contract for a wife to lose their identity and devote themselves solely to their needs while they get to completely ignore any feelings or needs their wife has is totally off my list of potential hotties.

Darrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnn you Voltage for bringing this man into my life only to turn him into a lame ass.

Here are the Endings you can expect from this low life.

liar nine1
I do not have time for your nonsense.

Bad End

If you have ever wanted to wake up in a loveless marriage where you spend your days cooking, cleaning, and forgoing any need for appreciation than this is the route for you! The MC decides to throw caution to the wind and marry this jerk in the hopes that maybe it will be different for her. It isn’t. Not only is he completely uninterested in her but he doesn’t even appreciate the fact that she does EVERYTHING for him. When she does finally decided to ask for a divorce he won’t have it. Not because he loves her but because how would it look if he got divorced for a third time?

Secret End

Basically this is where the guy actually falls for the MC. Now that there’s a rival in the way he wants to show the MC that he can actually be a really good guy and he’s all regretful about lying. Of course it’s the MC that has melted away his cold demeanure… PASS. Look I’m just saying people don’t just change on a dime! Sure maybe he does actually like her but then there should have been more build up to that. It’s not like the two of them have actually been on many dates. This would be more believable if they had socialized more. Plus does this mean that I’m suppose to just forget he made two other women’s lives miserable? Is he going to apologize for that? I didn’t think so.

True End

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so to speak. In this route we get to see more of the pressure this guy is under do to his father. It’s clear to see that the way he views marriage and women was heavly shaped by his father. In fact it’s his father that sets up both of his first two failed marriages. He starts to think that maybe his father’s way of doing things aren’t right for him and decides to find his next wife on his own which leads him to our MC. Should’ve been straight forward from the beginning!

Love End

I’m going to try not to puke during the synopsis of this end. Basically after leaving this guy because of his warped since of marriage and the way women should be treated the MC starts to reminesce about the good ‘ol days. You know the days before she knew he thought women were meant strictly for preparing meals and cleaning toilets. Oho! Then who should show up but Mr. Chuvanistic himself and he’s all, “Hey girl. I know I use to think women should just be brainless trophy wives with no ideas or ambitions of their own but in the whole two seconds we’ve been apart I’ve really grown as a person. So let’s be together and I promise I won’t just use you as my own personal 24/7 maid.”

The End.

Ditch this dude MC!

Liar nine
There’s the door dood.

Scumbag End

He literally learns nothing and instead he decides to continue his quest to find some naive women to be his maid… Oh, I mean wife. Honestly this is probably the most realistic ending. People don’t change overnight!

Finally after all this time we are at our last guy! You’ll have to wait until next Monday to get all of the details on him.

Happy Otome Monday Grimms ❀

2 thoughts on “Liar Uncover the Truth: The Divorcee

  1. Oh this is hilarious, when I saw on your blog that you stopped posting after the 8th Liar, I thought maybe you ragequit following the relevation of whom the 8th Liar was because he was the guy you were rooting for, LOL!

    [incoming spoilers for the 9th liar, roaming readers !!beware!!]


    I had a feeling inside of me throughout the whole game that Sotaro was going to be the last liar, the ultimate liar, the final boss! But nothing was ever revealed about him so it really bugged me and I made all sorts of bizzare theories about him, like the fact that he’s an ALIEN, or that he’s in the closet and only asking for marriage as a front, or that he and Itaru had beef because of childhood friendship issues. During the scene where Sotaro just marched into Itaru’s home like a Terminator, and the MC commented she didn’t realize Itaru and Sotaro were THAT close, I had another theory – ARE THEY EXES?! I also thought perhaps the twist could be that Sotaro technically doesn’t turn out to be the liar, but the relationship between him and MC is so stale that she realizes the fortune teller didn’t necessarily say her dream guy was the one guy telling the truth, or some plot twist prophecy thing like that… It made me laugh realizing it was something so simple as divorce. But I think the real lie is that Sotaro claimed he was so in love with you, when he was just looking for a kitchen maid. The fact that this episode contrasted Sotaro’s treatment towards you with Itaru’s true passion made a point home that a guy can tick all your boxes, but you still need to actually have real feelings between each other for it to work out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahaha same! When out came down to those two I was like what did they do?! I also had super insane ideas about how this two met and why they hatred each other! I can’t believe in the end out was over food πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I laughed so hard. Voltage really got me good there!


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