Grimm Music: Stay Beautiful By Taylor Swift


Let me tell you in all honestly country music is not really my thing. Honestly Taylor Swift isn’t my thing but in high school I somehow ended up with her first album. I really cannot tell you how! This wasn’t something I would buy so maybe I got it as a present or something? It sounds funny but I really don’t know! What I do know is that the year I got this album one of my best friends passed away. His name was Adam (not to be confused with my husband) and he really helped to shape me as a person. Whenever I hear this song I think of him.

This wasn’t a song we jammed to or anything like that it’s just one of those things where for some reason you just really click with the lyrics. They way Corey is described in the lyrics is just how I would describe Adam and when I hear this song it just hits me. I know that I will never get to see the person he would’ve become in adulthood but when I hear this song I always think to myself, “Stay Beautiful Adam, wherever you are.” I think this brings out an interesting thing about music and art in general. Sometimes the most unlikely artists can really resonate with you. I have only owned three country albums in my entire life and this is one of them.

While this isn’t usually my brand of jams I’m really glad I found this song because even to this day it moves me. The anniversary of my friends death is April 17th and every April I feel compelled to listen to this song and a ton of System of a Down but that’s some Grimm Music for another day!

When people find out I like this song they are usually really surprised! Comment below with a song or artist people would be surprised that you liked ā¤


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