LOTD: The Quick Fix

Beauty Grimms ❤ It’s time for the Look of the Day.

I rocked this look for this past Easter Holiday. I love holidays but they are totally hectic! Especially once you start having kiddos. A lot of responsibility goes into creating that holiday magic. I’m not sure what everyone else’s traditions are but in my family the Easter Bunny always decorates and puts together an Easter Egg Hunt. We also eat together and do family activities. For example this year the kids made playdough out of Peeps.

It was pretty cool.

I’m telling you all this to bring home the fact that on a day like that I don’t have a lot of time to mess around with makeup. I certainly like putting on my makeup because goodness knows we will be taking zillions of pictures but I’m incredible crunched for time. The decorating and hiding of eggs isn’t going to happen by itself. Not to mention all the cooking and just the general wrangling of children.

Oh… and cleaning booooo!

Whenever I’m in need of a quick makeup look what you see before you is my general routine. Although I do switch up the makeup color. I find that doing a subtle eye with a bolder lipstick makes for a pretty put together look. Even though I’m not full glam (which is my favorite) I love how my makeup looks. It’s simple and quick. In fact I can put this makeup look together in about 10-15 minutes. Just a reminder though if you don’t put on makeup regularly then give yourself some extra time. Since I do this pretty frequently I can do things like fill in my eyebrows in my sleep so it’s easy for my to cruise through things.

I hope you all enjoy this look and below is a list of all of the products I used with their links! As always if you have any makeup requests make sure to comment below.


PUR Color Correcting Primer Redness Reducer

Stila Stay All Day Beauty Balm

Winky Lux Diamond Powder Foundation

*Two Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer

*NYX High Definition Finishing Powder Light Green


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz


Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra Burnish Brown

*NYX Tres Jolie Eyeliner

Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick Unicorn Blood

Until next time Grimms!


My makeup stayed like this with no touch ups for about 7 hours AND during that time I also ate! I’m telling you these products don’t mess around

*While these makeup companies are cruelty-free their parent companies are not. Because of this I will no longer be writing reviews/promoting these products on GrimmGirl except for products bought by me before it came to my knowledge that they were owned by animal testing companies. Because of this you will occasionally see me use looks with their products since I am using the last of it in my stock. I will not however link their companies to my site. If you have any questions please either comment below or visit my About Me page for other ways to contact me. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “LOTD: The Quick Fix

    1. Thank you 😀 It was pretty fun to do this look because my sister is working on her photography so we got to work together on. It was cold but a lot of fun running around snapping pictures!

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