Cosplay Ideas

Hey Grimms!

As you know I recently started a ko-fi to help fund my first con experience. I plan on cosplaying it up for this event and of course sharing everything with all of you along the way. After my first post I was so thrilled to see how helpful everyone has been. I got so much good advice and I really appreciate it. I’ve been mulling out all over trying to make a decision on how to put this cosplay together.

My biggest take always were not to leave everything until the last minute, choose something I’m passionate about and wouldn’t mind spending the whole day in, don’t sweat it when it comes to either buying or making my cosplay because they each have their own pros and cons just have fun!

After lots of thought I’m thinking of either cosplaying as something from Sailor Moon or DragonBall/ DragonBall Z. These were my first anime growing up I felt like it would be appropriate to start there with my first cosplay. Plus I still love both of these franchises!

These are both really popular though and I want to make this cosplay my own. Does that make sense? I want to somehow give it a unique twist… I haven’t really figured that part out yet though.

Here are some of the thoughts I’ve had.

Combining the Two

I love both of these shows so doing a cosplay that combined them both would be really cool. With that said that would most likely mean I would have too make the costume myself. I can sew but I’m a total procrastinator! I’m worried I’ll run out of time before July.

Gender Bender

I’ve always always loved when cosplays do this. Taking a male character and reimagining them as female or vice versa. It looks like a lot of fun! With this option I could probably do a combination of handmade items and bought. I was also thinking I could buy a costume and then alter it to fit my needs.


My last thought was taking a character and revamping it. You know like what would they look like as a Disney character or in school? Something a long those lines. Again I think I would have to be making or altering things in order to make this work.

cosplay choices

Well there’s where I’m at so far! I hope to be struck with inspiration soon. I will keep you all 100% posted on this cosplay journey I am on. Keep the advice rolling I can’t thank you all enough.

If you’ve cosplayed before let us know what your first cosplay was and how it went. If your like me and have yet to do it what do you think you’d did if you did? Or if it isn’t really your bag what would you be excited to see?

Can’t wait to hear from you. Talk to you soon Grimms!

11 thoughts on “Cosplay Ideas

  1. i would’t consider this exciting but i would find it amusing if someone cosplayed as a citizen who appears in the background of a tile in a comic book. no-one famous in fiction just a random citizen who appears lol

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  2. Cosplay is so much fun! Most of my costumes are Comprised of second hand shop bought items. I don’t even have to alter some things, just add the proper accessorize.

    Gender bender is fun. I usually skip the bender part and dress as the opposite gender as that gender. I did my first star wars cosplay playing the evil emperor and even though I’m a girl I still pretended I was a guy. It was fun. Won the cosplay contest with that one. All I did was sew a couple curtains together.

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    1. That’s a really good idea. We have a few second hand stores in our area and I do have time to look through them. That’s a good idea with the cosplay. Honestly I think I’d make a great tuxedo mask!

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  3. My first “recognizable” cosplay was Mikaela Hyakuya from Seraph of the End. I wanted to do the fancy cape, military attire, boots, wig, makeup—everything! While it was great fun getting recognized and becoming one of my favorite characters for a day, it was a tad overwhelming for a first time.

    If you’re going with Sailor Moon anything, I’d say that’s a pretty safe bet! I can’t imagine it being too much trouble to put together, especially if it’s more of a casual cosplay that can keep up with a day at a con. Now the problem becomes who, what kind of outfit, and how far you go with it!

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    1. That sounds both cool and overwhelming! Did you have to made everything yourself? I feel like anything Sailor Moon would be easy to find because it’s so popular. Even if I sewed it I wouldn’t have to worry about creating my own pattern since its been done before which is reassuring. I’ve never created a pattern before!

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      1. Oh heavens, no—My first cosplay was bought. Even now, when it comes to the clothing part, I will either buy the costume (then modify it as needed) or use thrift outfits to compensate for missing shirts/pants. I do, however, make any props or accessories, but that’s mainly because I like to craft. 😛

        Good luck if you decide to take on sewing a patter for yourself!

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      2. I have an idea where I would just have to alter something! I won’t Stu anything more in case it doesn’t work. I think crafting things would be really hard. I’m always blown away by people who can do it.

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