A New Goal: Kitsune Kon Here I Come

Hey Grimms!

You all may have noticed I have started a Ko-fi with one goal in mind cosplay and attend my first con! I’ve never gone to a con before and I really want to. I’d also like to stay cosplaying.

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Cosplay is like having Halloween all of the time! I think creating the makeup looks for the cosplays I have in mind will be so much fun. Also this will give me the opportunity to brush up on my sewing skills. I’m so out of practice it’s embarrassing.

The best part is I’ll get to share all of my experiences here on GrimmGirl! I really think having a cosplay section will add to the site.

The next cosplay I could go to happens in July. If you want to help make this a reality check out my Ko-fi!

Any ideas on who I should cosplay first? Comment below!

10 thoughts on “A New Goal: Kitsune Kon Here I Come

  1. I think going to a Con is a great goal! I’ll be going to a few in the coming months as well. Most people start with a simple cosplay or one of their favorite character so I think you should start there!

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    1. That’s a good idea. I don’t want to try to do something to intense my first time out of the gate I think it will make planning for it to stressful. I can rock some basic sewing but I’ve never done anything to crazy. Just simple sewing patterns really so I don’t want to get to outside of my depth right away and July doesn’t seem that far out.


  2. I cosplayed at my first con too, and ahh the memories! I’m so excited for you! For a first time, my best advice is to tackle something fairly easy or simple, a character that plays to your strengths or that you are passionate about. Nothing is worse than having a con ruined by an obnoxious cosplay to control. As to who, the sky’s the limits!

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    1. I’m really excited to do this XD It’s seriously a lifelong goal for me! Lately I’ve been thinking maybe I should do something from either Dragonball Z or Sailor Moon because those were the first anime I ever really watched so it seems appropriate to start my cosplay journey with one of them too. Lol I might be being a bit to sentimental XD

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  3. My advice cosplay wise would be to go with someone that a) you’d enjoying being for a day, and b) you can either buy/build relatively easily. Or, if you’re feeling adventerous, tackle something difficult. I have a con coming up next weekend and was challenged to build a cosplay for it in three weeks (I normally tkae three months), so like a fool, I went with something difficult that included techniques I’ve not used before. If you like a challenge like I do, you may well enjoy doing soemthing similar!

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    1. I’ve sewed simple dresses before but never anything too crazy. I’m a little torn on if I should try to make something myself or buy something. If I buy something that would be nice because it is low pressure but I know that if I make something myself I’ll be really proud of it. I’m mostly just worried that if I try to make something I won’t finish it in time. Gahhh! Adult choices lol!

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  4. I’ve cosplayed a few times, both buying and making my own costume, and while purchasing a cosplay is much easier, it’s so much more rewarding to create your own. SO MUCH WORK, but if it turns out well, it’s great bragging rights, lol. Definitely start asap, last minute finishing touches are stressful, especially when you have a whole two props to build in a week (worst idea ever). As for characters, I don’t think it ever matters whether the character looks anything like you, just pick a favorite, and go with it! Simple is best to start with, funny coming from me since I tackled a Maka cosplay first time I made my own, and that was NOT easy. I wish you luck! Tutorials will save your life if you decide to make your own!

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    1. That’s really good advice I’m def going to be looking up tutorials if I decided to make this one. I would also like to see if I could go to a con in the winter too. If I was able to do that then maybe I would buy this one but start working on a cosplay for the winter con. I agree trying to get anything done last minute would totally stress me out so I def don’t want that. What has been your favorite character to cosplay so far? I’m thinking of doing something from Dragonball Z or Sailor Moon because those were my first two anime.

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  5. That’s a good idea!

    Hmm, I’ve enjoyed all cosplays I’ve done so far, but Maka from Soul Eater I got the most use out of and also worked the hardest on, so I think that’s my favorite. Both Haikyuu ones were easy purchased ones, where all I had to do was fix the wigs up, but they’re my favorite to take pictures of. With Maka though, I felt the most attached to the character and wearing it just made me feel really cool.


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