Grey’s Anatomy, I finally Jumped On The Bandwagon

Hola Grimms,

I am really late to the thrill of Grey’s Anatomy. The show has been on for years and I had never watched a single episode until now. It’s on Netflix though and everyone still seems so into I decided to give out a shot.

Basically the show follows a group of interns as they try to make it through their residency. Specifically we see things from Merideth Grey’s perspective.

I have to say I’m only in season two but I’m totally into it. I have to admit that I can see why people dig this show. While it does have drama I feel like it’s not to over done. The problems they are dealing with are reasonable. I really dislike when shows go insanely over the top.

Their problems include things like trying to balance their work and personal lives, their relationships, the stresses of training to be surgical doctors, and the pressure of literally holding lives in their hands.

I’m not a doctor so I have no idea if this show is 100% accurate (probably not) but I do have a few friends who have gone through medical school so I can attest to the fact it is super stressful and they have to work insane hours.

She really does…

At one point two of the interns end up in relationships with the attending doctors. This seems realistic to me when you think about the amount of time they spend at the hospital. Not a lot of time to meet other people outside of work. Also this is a very high pressure job that I don’t think the average person can really understand or relate to. So it makes sense you would gravitate towards someone who could.

There are some moments that certainly milk the drama and medical situations that seem highly unlikely but hey that’s tv. There has to be some drama a tear jerking moments.

As far as characters go so far I like how all of them are written. I think there’s really someone we can all relate to at some point. I certainly have my favorites though.

Christina and Bailey are such wonderful characters. They’re both just so driven! I love that they are unapologetic with their talents. They know they are talented in their field. Their confidence is really empowering.

George is totally endearing. I can’t help but root for him as the show continues. I feel like he’s kind of the Yuri of the show. If you have seen Yuri on Ice you get the reference.

Meredith is a really fun character to watch develop. She’s a little messy but I think that makes her more relatable. We all make mistakes and life is never clean cut. Plus I really enjoy her narrative.

These two are my type of people.

Alex is a douche canoe and I find very few moments where I can tolerate his life. Izzy is cute but in my opinion kind of immature and seems to make decisions without really thinking them through. She’s not a big picture type of person most of the time. She seems really impulsive.

Don’t get me started on the other men of Grey’s Anatomy! Shepard, Burke, and Webber I’m looking at you three! What the heck is going on with your lives half the time? I’m going to do an in depth post on each of these characters one of these days. I just have so much to say.

Final Thoughts

So far I am really digging this show. It’s really inspired a lot of different post ideas for the future. I really find how women in this show are portrayed to be quite fascinating. Lots of material to look forward to there!

If you have never seen this show I would recommend it to you. It will make you laugh and cry… doesn’t that sound cliche? But it really is true!

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8 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy, I finally Jumped On The Bandwagon

  1. I think I watched about 5 seasons of this. Eventually the cast changed so much and I wasn’t as in to the new characters and kind of had enough. Still, given I’m not hugely into drama, I really enjoyed Grey’s for the first few seasons and really liked the ever changing relationships between the characters.


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