GrimmMusic: Just Right by Got7

Hello musical Grimms,

Last time we took a look at one of my favorite Japanese Visual Kei bands so it’s only fair that today we check out one of my favorite Kpop bands. Today I bring for your viewing pleasure Got7 and their song Just Right.

Full disclose I was a bit late to the Got7 party. I can’t even tell you how I even stumbled on to them. I think somehow on YouTube? I really couldn’t say. All I know is that this is the first song I ever heard by them and when I heard it I just felt…


Something about this song just cheers the soul. I am beginning to think that it is impossible to hear this song and not smile to yourself. Heck I’m smirking right now just thinking about the song and I’m not even listening to it at the moment.

Again even though this is a completely different genre from Mucc Got7 was able to do the same thing for me and burst through the language barrier to make me feel something. It didn’t being out the sane emotional vibe for me as Libra but it still manages to leave an impact.

It’s fun and light hearted. It madness me feel like even if I’m having a rough day there’s still joy in the world. Which I know sounds cheesy but it’s true! I think we all need songs like this in our lives.

So check out the song for yourself and see what you think. If you have never heard of Got7 before what are your first impressions? If you’re a Got7 fan what was the first song you heard by them? Let us know in the comments below! I can’t wait to read all the responses.

Until next time music lovers!

4 thoughts on “GrimmMusic: Just Right by Got7

    1. YES! Another Got7 fan ❤ This is probably my favorite too because it was the first I ever heard and I think you always get a bit nostalgic when you hear the song that introduced you to a band you like.

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