Behind the Voice Of… Gray Fullbuster

Hola Grimms!

About a 100 years ago I did a post called Behind the Voice Of… Yuu Nishinoya whereI took an anime character and chatted about the voice actor that brought them alive. My goal was to make this a regular thing. I totally dropped the ball on that dream. At least for a while because as you can see I am now back at it!

For my amazing comeback I am taking Mirror Purple’s suggestion and digging into the voice actor that portrays Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail the amazingly talented Nakamura Yuchi! While many of you may know him as Gray’s voice actor he has also used his talents for many other characters in the anime world. Just to name a few Nakamura is responsible for Tomoya Okazaki’s voice in Clannad, Gai Tsutsugami in Guilty Crown, and Greed in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Honestly he is in so much more than that there is no way I can cover all of it. I mean he even lends his voice to Kuroo Tetsuro in Haikyuu!


This man is truly amazing when it comes to the voice acting world and his range of characters and anime projects he has been a part of is not to be taken lightly. This man is a total pro.

Which is probably why he was the man tapped to do the dub version of Chris Evans in all of the Captain America movies. Not only did he lend his voice for the Captain it’s also his voice used for the character of Gale (portrayed by Liam Hemsworth) in all of the Hunger Games movies and his that movie Liam and Miley Cyrus did The Last Song.

On top of all of that the man is kept busy doing voice acting work for video games, drama cds, and a bunch more live action voice overs. It shouldn’t be so surprising that he has such a large breadth of work considering the fact that he started voice acting in 2000. That’s right Nakamura has about 18 years of voice acting experience.

To end this post how about I give you a fun little fact on this well known voice actor? Did you know that Nakamura is a cat fan? I find this a little adorable since he voices Kuroo! If you don’t understand why his love for cats while also playing Kuroo is adorable than you need to go watch Haikyuu. Right now.

I hope you all learned a little more about this talented VA!

Do me a favor and comment below with any other voice actors/characters you want a little more background on.

Until next time Grimms ❤


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10 thoughts on “Behind the Voice Of… Gray Fullbuster

  1. I haven’t been paying much attention to voice actors but he seems amazing! Of course him voicing Kuro and his loves for cats already solidifies him as one of my heroes. Thanks for bringing this back! Hope to find out more about voice actors 😊

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