My Husband Reacts To… Yuri On Ice

Grimms get PUMPED!

Today I unveil a new blog series for GrimmGirl. As you can see by the title I’ll periodically be doing posts where I chose an anime for my husband to watch and then write up his reactions.

These are meant to be pretty fun and light hearted posts because my husband doesn’t really watch anime. He’s seen some Dragon Ball but that’s about it. So I thought it would be kind of fun to get his reactions to shows since it’s a bit outside of his element. Plus it was really fun to watch anime together for once!

I decide for his first anime to go with Yuri on Ice because it’s currently the winter Olympics and I’m a pretty big fan. I watch ice skating whenever it’s being broadcasted and because of that so does my husband. We both thought it would be fun to watch an ice skating anime since we already enjoy watching ice skating together.

So without further ado here are my husband reactions to Yuri on Ice.

Reaction One

We were all surprised.

“Well that was different. I didn’t expect to see a naked guy at the end of the episode. ”

To be fair I’m pretty sure that surprised all of us the first time we saw that.

Reaction Two

I think everyone can relate to Yuri at one point or another.

“I relate to Yuri because he’s sensitive and likes to eat. He also isn’t confident and doesn’t pretend to be.”

Honestly I think Yuri is a really relatable character and his personality and struggles with confidence is one of the reason this show had such a strong fan base in my opinion.

Reaction Three

Ironically this is the face my husband makes whenever Yurio insults Yuri.

“Yurio is a punk ass who doesn’t deserve to win.”

I feel like alot of Yurio fangirl are getting ready to curb stomp my husband right now… but what can I say? My husband ended up becoming a big Yuri fan and anytime any character said anything even remotely mean to Yuri he was up in arms.

Yurio was no exception.

Reaction Four

They’re adorable together!

* While watching Viktor and Yuri the first few episodes *

“Is this how people just act in the ice skating world or is there something there?”

For the record by the end of the series my husband became 100% convinced that Viktor and Yuri were dating and cannot believe that anyone woul d say otherwise. He seriously will not hear a word against the idea that some people do not consider their relationship canon.

Reaction Five

Adam was Yuri and Yurio during this scene I swear!

* When seeing Yuri’s friend get a nosebleed *

“What the Hell was that?!”

I had to explain to him that this was a common joke in anime XD

Reaction Six

Ice Skating isn’t for the weak

“It’s like watching Rocky but with ice skating.”

He said this as Yuri was training to get back into shape. Sidenote my husband hated how eveyone was on him about his weight in the beginning. As he pointed out obviously Yuri could still skate as he was able to mimic Viktor’s routine so they shouldn’t make it seem like he’s to big to skate. He wasn’t a big fan of the message it might send to others. Making them feel like if they were a certain weight they shouldn’t even try to skate. This was probably his only real this was his only real beef with the show.

Final Reaction

Apparently my husband is channeling his inner Viktor.

“Viktor and Yuri are together. You could tell from the first episode there was something between them. It was a good show and I’d like to see a second season but I’d like to see him actually win this time.”

Adam was not happy that Yurio beat Yuri XD he was really happy when JJ folded under the pressure though. Sorry JJ fans!

Like I said this is just post for fun! So in the spirit of having a good time comment below with some of your reactions to Yuri on Ice. Did you have any of the same reactions as my husband?

Let me know!

29 thoughts on “My Husband Reacts To… Yuri On Ice

    1. Lol I was actually surprised by his reaction 🀣 He got into it way more than I thought he would! He really couldn’t take it when Yurio wad mean. He did like Yurio more than JJ though.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m so glad he liked it! And I too get upset when seeing everyone tell Yuri he was too heavy to skate. I don’t think anyone really points that out, but it’s been something I always found a bit unnecessary too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I kind of love that Yuri didn’t win because I think if he’d gotten the gold it would have changed the overall theme of the anime from love and personal growth to just another sporting success story (not he wasn’t pretty successful being second in the world and all).
    I love sowing anime to non-anime fans and I really enjoyed reading the reactions here, particularly to the nose bleed, because it is something you end up having to explain to people that haven’t become desensitised to the cliche.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same. Him not winning really helped set up the chance for a second season. Plus I think it was more realistic. You don’t get over this types of nerves all in one season. I think now he’ll appreciate it more as a possibility. Plus it helped sparked Viktor’s ambition to comeback.

      Bahaha the nosebleed reaction was perfect.

      Liked by 1 person

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