Is Younique Cruelty Free? Turns Out…




Sorry Grimms if you have jumped on the Younique train because you believed they were cruelty free. To be fair the only reason you believed they were cruelty free is because that’s how they market themselves.


Sadly what we have here is a case of tricky word play. We’ve talked about this before but there is actually very little regulation when it comes to companies claiming to be cruelty free. It’s because of this that companies are able to get pretty shady of you’re not vigilant.

Originally they claimed on their website that they were in the process of being certified as cruelty free but hadn’t been yet. In the mean time they claimed that they didn’t test their products on animals.

That right there is usual a sign of something amiss. Luckily Vicki from Ethical Elephant decided to dig deeper and email them to clarify this statement. You can read her full story on her blog by clicking here.

I will give a brief summary here though. Basically when asked what certification they were getting they didn’t answer but explained that they had no idea if the ingredients used to make their products were tested on animals. When asked if they sold or planned on selling in China they said they didn’t but weren’t willing to confirm that they had zero plans to sell there in the future.

This right there is why I can’t in good conscious consider them cruelty free. Finding out if the companies you are working with are testing on animals is not that hard. So if you’re not going to check on that but still claim to be cruelty free I’m going to call bs on that.

That’s shady.

Also they know full well that China legally requires animal testing so if they are still considering selling there in the future that’s not good.

Long story short until Younique is able to get their lives together and flesh out a transparent animal testing policy I will not consider them cruelty free.

Hope this clarified things for you!

If you have any other brands you’d like me to look into put them in comment section below.

Later Grimms!

4 thoughts on “Is Younique Cruelty Free? Turns Out…

    1. Hey Shaylee thanks for your comment! As far as I know everything reported by ethical elephant still holds true even if it was originally written 2 years ago. Younique still hasn’t provided the documentation required to be considered 100% cruelty free. Even their cruelty free statement has been removed from their website. If you have heard anything different please let me know and I will modify this post! Thanks again for stopping by!


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